7 things your company MUST have on it’s website

7 things your company MUST have on it’s website

7 things your company MUST have on it’s website 860 489 Border Crossing UX

Is your company a private limited company based in the United Kingdom? Do you know what information your company MUST display on your website?

Whilst putting together our new screen designs with Adam from Remote Location we thought it would be best to check what company information you must have on your website according to UK Regulations.

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We visited our favourite online legal resource: Out-Law.com to check out what was required.  Out-Law.com is a free online legal resource with thousands of pages of IT and E-commerce legal guidance provided by Pinsent Masons.  Whilst we always recommend that you seek legal advice specifically for your company this is great place to find out about the legal regulations and compliance associated with IT, E-Commerce or the Web.

Back the original question: What MUST you have on your website?

Well here  are 7 items that a company or service provider is legally required to be easily, directly and permanently accessible on their website:

  1. The Name: The name of company/service provider must be easily accessible on the site.  Should the company’s trading name be different from the given name this must be clearly stated and the trading name must also be provided – e.g. ‘Border Crossing Media Holdings Limited is the trading name of Border Crossing Media.’
  2. A Contact Email Address: You must supply a contact email address – even if you have a contact form there must be a separate email address easily available.
  3. A Geographic Address: This can be an office/shop address where the company or service provider operates.  If there is a separate registered address for the company this must be supplied too.  A PO Box is not sufficient as a geographical address.
  4. The Company Registeration Number and Place of Registeration: A company must clearly state their registeration number and also the place the company is registered. – e.g. ‘Border Crossing Media Holdings Ltd is a company registered in Scotland with company number SC 308 978’.
  5. Professional Association Details: If the business or a representative is a member of any trade or professional associatation you must supply the membership details and any associated registeration numbers.
  6. VAT Number: If your company is VAT registered you must provide the VAT Number – this is for all VAT registered  companies and not solely e-commerce traders.
  7. Clear and Explicit Prices: Any prices given must be clearly stated and show whether prices include any VAT, tax or delivery charge.

***Please note that if you are selling anything directly online such as an e-commerce company there are additional rules and regulations you must follow.***

Now these details do not have to appear on every page but they do have to be easily and permanently accessible.  We hold the majority of this information in the panel on our ‘About‘ and ‘Contact Page‘.

If you’d like more information on the regulations governing company information online please refer directly to the Out-Law.com website.

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