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Our Bookmarks: September 22 – 26, 2014

Our Bookmarks: September 22 – 26, 2014

Our Bookmarks: September 22 – 26, 2014 1053 597 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our team’s round-up of the most useful links, resources and industry news we’ve bookmarked this week – September 22nd – 26th (2014).

User research

The New Face Of Usability Testing (Measuring Usability)

Digital Tools for Design Research (IDEO Labs)

A Simple Introduction to the Practice of Ethnography and Guide to Ethnographic Fieldnotes (Marshall University)



From SMB to the Enterprise: When to Move Upmarket (Scale VP)

Do Things that Don’t Scale (Paul Graham)

You’re Probably Calculating your SaaS MRR Incorrectly (ProfitWell)



UI18 Give away: Last Year’s Featured Talks for FREE (UI19)

Note and Vote How to Avoid Groupthink in Meetings (Google Ventures)

Scarcity Principle: Making Users Click RIGHT NOW or Lose Out (Nielsen Norman Group)

13 Human Qualities You Must Have to Succeed in Work and Life (UX Matters)


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