Business & Strategy Links: Dec 2014

Business & Strategy Links: Dec 2014

Business & Strategy Links: Dec 2014 1146 651 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the most useful business and user experience (UX) strategy resources we’ve come across recently. If you’re interested in learning from other people’s successes and failures, click on the “continue reading” link below.

The Banks of the Future: An Experience Design Perspective

“In the age of the customer, banks can no longer afford to rely on their traditional services and approaches to consumers. They need to build strong customer relationships through experiences that make consumers think of their banks not as a utility, but as trusted advisors.”

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The Lindy Effect on Startup Potential

Insightful as ever from Jason Cohen.

“Doubling the size of the company always sounds plausible, because you’ve proved you can do it once, we’d all agree you can probably do it again, even faster this time. But 10x is not as clear, and 20x is quite unlikely.

One way to understand why 2x is plausible but 20x requires innovation, is to observe that the actions that got you your first 10 customers are probably not sufficient for generating 100, even though they’re probably sufficient for getting another 10.”

So the “startup growth” version of this rule is: You can probably double your size, doing roughly what you did to get to this point, but 10x will require innovation.”

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Beyond the UX Tipping Point (UIE)

Jared Spool uses Disney’s Magic Bands to help explain his take on “the UX tipping point”.

“The UX Tipping Point is the moment when an organization no longer compromises on well-designed user experiences. Before they hit the tipping point, they might talk about great design, but they’ll still ship a mediocre experience. However, once they’ve passed it, design has become an embedded part of their culture and DNA.”

Pay particular attention to the section titled “The Journey to Beyond the UX Tipping point”!

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Secrets to Creating A Customer Driven Machine (Driftt Blog)

David Cancel, CEO of Driftt and ex-Chief Product Officer at HubSpot explains the importance of small, autonomous teams that are truly focussed on solving customers problems. This post is a great read and contains so much solid advice that any company can learn from, for example, “small teams should not mean narrow when it comes to structuring product teams”.

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How we Validated our SaaS Product Without Building It (Send With Us)

As the title suggests this is another interesting take on how to learn what potential customers want. This post by SendWithUs, details the experiments they ran to identify what potential customers wanted most.

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Got time for more?

Other business and user experience (UX) strategy articles worth a read:


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