Business & Strategy Links: Nov 2014

Business & Strategy Links: Nov 2014

Business & Strategy Links: Nov 2014 1146 651 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the most useful business and user experience (UX) strategy resources we’ve come across recently. If you’re interested in learning from other people’s successes and failures, click on the “continue reading” link below.

The Art of Customer Loyalty (HelpScout)

This eBook will help you understand what you need to know to build a company that your customers truly love. Whether you’re a new-start or an old-hand even a skim-read of this eBook will help you identify a number of tips you’ll want to implement immediately.

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How Do I Know If I Have The Right Customers? 2 Minutes to Find Out (Steve Blank)

This is the latest video in this series on customer development from the great Steve Blank. This video does exactly what it says on the tin! Watch it, it’s only 2 minutes of your time and it’s guaranteed to get you thinking about one of those questions that definitely matters but is asked all to rarely.

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Pricing Determines Your Business (A Smart Bear Blog)

This is a must-read article for anyone involved in the pricing and marketing of a software-as-a-service start-up. Written by an experienced entrepreneur this post doesn’t pull any punches in terms of how the price of your software will influence a customer’s expectations.

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Stop Jumping to Solutions and Think About the Problem (ThoughtWorks)

I love this post as it chimes in with what we believe in-house: to do great work, we must understand they “why” behind the “what” we’ve been tasked to do.

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Other business and strategy articles worth a read:


Next week’s links

Next week we’ll be sharing some of the user experience design resources we’ve come across and bookmarked lately.


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