Business & UX Strategy Links and Resources: July 2015

Business & UX Strategy Links and Resources: July 2015

Business & UX Strategy Links and Resources: July 2015 1146 651 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the best business and UX strategy resources we’ve come across recently.

Lean Innovation Management – Making Corporate Innovation Work (Steve Blank)

Steve Blank on how he’s helped large companies and the U.S. government innovate faster– not just kind of fast, but 10x the number of initiatives in 1/5 the time. A 50x speedup kind of fast.

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New data shows losing 80% of mobile users is normal, and why the best apps do better (Andrew Chen)

Andrew Chen shares some exclusive data, and personal insights, on retention curves for mobile apps.

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Recruiting – The 3rd Crucial Startup Skill (for Entrepreneurs)

This is an incredibly in-depth post on the importance of recruitment to a start-ups success.

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Striking the balance between minimum and viable (Medium)

“A lot has been written about lean startup methodology, minimum viable products, and quick iterations in general. There’s a lot of focus on speed, quickness, agility, and making sure that you’re launching as soon as the minimum has been met. That’s all very well and good. In a web environment where the cost to iterate and fail is so low, this is sound advice. Taken at face value though, it is too easy to blindly follow the “move fast and break things” mantra and to use it as an excuse to deliver a subpar product.”

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Why Your Startup Should Ignore Your Onboarding Experience For Now (OnStartups)

“Great user onboarding makes users say, “WOW, this is awesome,” and recognize that your product is a must have experience. But these WOW moments don’t come easy. And the mechanics by which you onboard users is just a small part of whether or not they fall in love with your product.

The more substantial part of the equation is the value your product delivers to your user: something in their life that must get easier, faster, cheaper, more productive, more fun, etc. because of using your product. Otherwise, why would they switch?

And that’s the difficult part to create. That’s the part that requires customer development and experimentation. It requires you to test your assumptions, to pivot, to try new things.”

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3 Phases of Financial Indicators for Startups (Medium)

This post provides a straightforward overview of the three phases of financial indicators in startups, and point out some common misunderstandings.

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Got time for more?

Website Accessibility: The Untapped Global Income Stream (UX Matters)
Hiring UX Experts vs. Giving Your Team Their Own UX Skills (UIE)


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