Meet our new Executive Assistant: Emily Dean

Meet our new Executive Assistant: Emily Dean

Meet our new Executive Assistant: Emily Dean 1177 1584 Border Crossing UX

As our team continues to grow, we’re excited to welcome and introduce Emily Dean, our new Executive Assistant. With a wealth of experience and an incredible can-do attitude, Emily has already brought in some incredible insight to the Border Crossing UX team. We chatted to Emily to learn more about her background and to find out how the last month of working here has been.

Emily Dean

Emily, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a New Zealander who’s been away from home for about 7 years. I moved to Edinburgh about 5 years ago (for love, of course!). I am the Executive Assistant at Border Crossing UX and I am responsible for supporting our directors with business administration.

What led you to your career as an Executive Assistant?

I actually fell into being an assistant. I studied graphic design in Auckland and was a Junior Designer in my early career. I then left my job to travel the world.

I  returned to New Zealand and started working as an Assistant to earn some money and get back on my feet. I ended up loving the job, so the rest is history! I later moved to Dubai to help a friend set up a business, which was a steep learning experience, before joining Emirates Airlines where I worked with SVPs in the Global Operations Teams.

In 2016, I made another move, this time to sunny Scotland and continued to work as an Assistant at an Investment House before joining Border Crossing UX in April 2022.

 You’re an extremely organised person. What is your favourite organisational hack or favourite website for staying organised?

I wish I had a secret hack or an amazing bit of tech to suggest. However, I believe you just cannot go wrong with a pen and paper! Sometimes my desk can be post-it notes galore.

What has been your favourite thing about working at Border Crossing UX so far?

I’ve loved being part of a super passionate team. The positive energy has been an absolute pleasure to work in.

As I have previously worked for quite large companies, it is also really nice to be able to work on so many different things and to have the opportunity to get involved. I have already been able to learn so much about the operations of a business as a whole, as we end up wearing so many hats. It has all been very interesting.

Is there anything you are particularly looking forward to working on or learning?

I’m excited to learn about the business and help the team grow.  I am also interested in learning more about UX.

What is a philosophy you live by?

The sky is the limit! Working in Dubai and seeing the hustle mindset taught me there is a solution to everything – as long as you work hard and believe that you can.

And finally, our favourite question to ask our new team members:

What is your go-to song to get you into the work mindset?

My go-to song is Sunday Morning from No Doubt. It reminds me of my sisters and makes me very nostalgic.

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