Our Bookmarks: May 19 – 23, 2014

Our Bookmarks: May 19 – 23, 2014

Our Bookmarks: May 19 – 23, 2014 1053 597 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our team’s round-up of the most useful links, resources and industry news we’ve bookmarked this week – May 19th – 23rd (2014).

User Research

Phablet Use Distinct from Smartphones, Tablets (Opera Media Works)

Dear Diary, It’s Hard to Say Goodbye (UX Booth)


User Experience

User experience & Jobs To Be Done (90 Percent of Everything)

Dissecting Design – Part 1 (UIE)


Product Design

Product Design Lessons from iPad Father & Nest Inventor Tony Fadell (Kiss Metrics)

14 Things Learned While Designing at Disqus (Joshua Sortino)


Interaction Design

Why & How to Avoid Hamburger Menus (Luis Abreu)

6 Guidelines for Truncation Design (Baymard Institute)

Accordions Are Not Always the Answer for Complex Content on Desktops (Nielsen Norman Group)



Working with Content Providers to Minimise Buffering (Google Fiber)



5 Practical Steps to Improving your Domain Authority (QuickSprout)

How to Harness the SEO Potential of Co-Citation & Co-Occurrence (KissMetrics)


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