UX Design Links & Resources: April 2016 Round-up

UX Design Links & Resources: April 2016 Round-up

UX Design Links & Resources: April 2016 Round-up 1150 647 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the useful UX Design resources we’ve come across recently.

UX Design Links: April 2016

Focusing On What Our Users Shouldn’t Focus On (UIE)

Most of the time, when we ask our users to “log in,” it’s just a quick entry of a well-worn username and password. They don’t give it much thought and it passes quickly.

However, we rarely account for all the things that can wrong. What happens when it fails? Suddenly, what should’ve been a small interaction becomes a big deal.

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Insightful Study of 386 SaaS Startup Pricing Pages (OnStartups)

This article highlights Dharmesh Shah’s findings following his analysis of 386 SaaS companies pricing pages.

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How Chunking Helps Content Processing (Nielsen Norman Group)

Chunking is a concept that originates from the field of cognitive psychology. UX professionals can break their text and multimedia content into smaller chunks to help users process, understand, and remember it better.

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The Same Link Twice on the Same Page: Do Duplicates Help or Hurt? (Nielsen Norman Group)

Eliminate redundancy on webpages whenever possible to reduce cognitive overload. Each extra link makes your site harder to use.

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Book Review: $1 Prototype: A Modern Approach to Mobile UX Design and Rapid Innovation (UX Matters)

“In $1 Prototype, Greg shows how to rapidly create and test prototypes to discover the best product design. He began his book by telling a story: He usually sketched ideas in his Moleskine notebook, but one day he forgot to take it to a meeting. So, when he was discussing a design with the CEO of a client company and needed to sketch an idea, he grabbed the first paper he could find—a stack of sticky notes. He drew the basic design for a mobile app on the sticky notes and the CEO—who was usually quite reserved—jumped up, grabbed the sticky notes, started using the notepad as though it were a smartphone, and exclaimed, “See! This is exactly what I mean!”

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8 Ways to Measure User Satisfaction (Conversion XL)

“A good user experience equals more money. But how do we measure user experience? How do we know if it’s getting better or worse? User experience is a subjective feeling, as each individual experiences the world through their own lens. The total experience of each user could depend on a variety of external factors, like how they began their day to their mood to their socio-economic status and so on. Still, though, there are a variety of valid ways to measure usability and the overall user experience, and how people are interacting with each part of your site as well as holistically.

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