User Experience Design Links and Resources: July 2015

User Experience Design Links and Resources: July 2015

User Experience Design Links and Resources: July 2015 1150 647 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the most useful user experience (UX) design resources we’ve come across recently.

Change Blindness: Why People Don’t See What Designers Expect Them To See (Nielsen Norman Group)

“People often overlook new visual details added to an existing image. This change blindness can affect critical information such as error messages and navigation menus, leading to user confusion and task failure. Luckily, with the right visual presentation you can dramatically reduce the likelihood of change blindness.”

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The shopping shortcut: How to design for your customer’s mindset (Google Ventures)

“Customers follow predictable processes for finding, evaluating, and narrowing options. If you understand your customer’s shopping journey, you can design your product with the right messages in the right place. And that can guide customers towards selecting your product over competitors — and more importantly, guide you to building a product that’s a perfect fit.“

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A UI so good, it breaks language barriers (Medium)

“I’m here to talk about a mobile app that’s quickly drawing a huge fan following all over the Internet. I’m of course talking about ねこあつめ. Are you an English-only speaker like myself wondering what the heck ねこあつめ translates to? Don’t worry, it’s completely unimportant.”

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Extraordinarily Radical Redesign Strategies (UIE)

“The big box retailer had spent $100,000,000 on the redesign effort. That’s right. One hundred million dollars on redesigning their e-commerce site. The day they flipped the switch and launched the new site, sales dropped by 20%. (This was a site that was doing almost $1 billion in revenues per year, so 20% is a lot of money to lose.)

It took the company three and a half years to get sales back to where they were the day before the launch. That’s what $100,000,000 buys you. Imagine what they could’ve gotten had they only spent $50,000,000. I’d like to say this was an uncommon outcome, but it wasn’t.”

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Can Good Design Be Measured? (UX Matters)

“Measuring an experience is not about reducing your data to a single value or an exact value or achieving absolute certainty.”

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Got time for more?

A checklist for designing mobile input fields (Nielsen Norman Group) – “When you design an input field for use on mobile devices, check whether it satisfies this list of 14 usability requirements.”

Practical Empathy (UX Matters) – “A sample chapter from Indi Young’s new book Practical Empathy. 2015 Rosenfeld Media.”

Don’t Base ‘Customer Ratings’ Sorting on Averages Only (Baymard Institute) – “Qualitative and quantitative research shows that users expect ‘Customer Ratings’ sorting to function differently from how it’s currently implemented on 86% of major e-commerce sites.”

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