UX Design Links & Resources: July 2016 Round-up

UX Design Links & Resources: July 2016 Round-up

UX Design Links & Resources: July 2016 Round-up 1150 647 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round-up of the useful User Experience (UX) Design links July 2016. Great actionable advice from some of the best in the industry. This month features Co. Design, UX Booth, Nielson Norman Group, UIE, Conversion XL and Mind the Product. Happy reading!

UX Design Links July 2016


How To Design With Discipline: UX Lessons From 3M (Co. Design)

“In a complex space where large companies struggle with scaling UX methodologies, 3M stands in stark contrast to engineering-driven enterprise. The product development process reflects one of the most mature UX models we’ve seen to date.

Due in part to the strong design culture built in the past few years since Chief Design Officer Eric Quint joined the organisation, 3M Design follows a disciplined UX process rooted in co-design and customer validation.”

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Please Make Yourself Uncomfortable (Mind the Product)

Check out this video of Ken Norton’s (Product Partner, GV) keynote on the importance of improvisation from Mind the Product, San Francisco, May 2016.

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How to Find Correlative Metrics For Conversion Optimization (Conversion XL)

“When you’re doing conversion optimization, one of the hardest parts is finding opportunity areas to optimize. Finding places people are dropping out is important in setting up a prioritized testing plan.

Equally valuable is finding activities that correlate with higher customer success – whether that be RPV, LTV, or whatever metric you’re optimizing for. But how do you find these correlative metrics?”

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When UX goes offline: Designing cross-channel experience for community-based services (UX Booth)

In her talk on day 1 of the conference, Katie Dill covered the challenge of designing offline community-based services to realize the full richness of variety at scale while maintaining a consistent customer experience. This article takes a look at the challenges, strategies, and approaches Dill explored throughout her talk.

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A Bias for Making (UIE)

“Teams with a bias for making end up producing better designs than those teams that have a bias for planning. They’re more informed about how they build and what their options are.

Next time you find yourself thinking you need to plan out the design, ask yourself, “Could we plan better from what we’d learn if we just started making something?” The answer might just surprise you.”

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B2B vs. B2C Websites: Key UX Differences (Nielsen Norman Group)

“Business-to-Business websites need to include content that is tailored to both end users and decision makers during long purchase cycles, clearly indicates integration details, has representative prices even for complex pricing scenarios, and speaks to all relevant verticals without alienating any of them.”

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