User Experience Design Links and Resources: May 2015

User Experience Design Links and Resources: May 2015

User Experience Design Links and Resources: May 2015 1150 647 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the most useful user experience (UX) design resources we’ve come across recently.

Frictionless Design Choices (Learn by Shipping)

“A design can be minimal but still have a great deal of friction. The Linux command line interface is a great example of minimal design with high friction. You can do everything through a single prompt, as long as you know what to type and when. The minimalism is wonderful, but the ability to get going comes with high friction.”

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New Technologies Persuade in Old Ways (Technology Review)

The author of one of the most thought-provoking books I’ve read, Robert Cialdini, an expert in the science of persuasion, talks about its most modern methods.

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Envisioning Experience Outcomes (UX Matters)

“When your organization’s goal is to differentiate on the experience, you must start every product-development project by defining the experience that you want people to have with your product or service.”

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No More Pogo Sticking: Protect Users from Wasted Clicks (Nielsen Norman Group)

“Misleading links and omitted information force users to bounce back and forth in a hub-and-spoke pattern between a routing page and subpages linked from it, increasing the interaction cost and decreasing engagement over time. Use web analytics tools to identify and monitor pogo-stick behavior on your site.”

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Improve your website’s UX (UX Check)

“UX Check is a Chrome Extension that helps you identify usability issues through a heuristic evaluation.”

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Got time for more?

How to integrate copywriting in your startup’s design process (Google Ventures)

Large Touchscreens: What’s Different? (Nielsen Norman Group)

Introduction to Design Studio methodology (UIE)

Don’t Prioritise Efficiency Over Expectations (Nielsen Norman Group)

Improve Validation Errors with Adaptive Messages (Baymard Institute)


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