Don’t miss out on UX Scotland: 7th to 9th of June 2017

Don’t miss out on UX Scotland: 7th to 9th of June 2017

Don’t miss out on UX Scotland: 7th to 9th of June 2017 560 420 Border Crossing UX

UX Scotland 2017, now in it’s fifth year, is the conference for all with an interest in user experience (UX) and design.

With less than three weeks to get your tickets now for the opportunity to connect and learn from industry leaders from the 7th to 9th of June 2017.

Why you should attend UX Scotland 2017

We’ve been attending UX Scotland from the start and have been fortunate to present case studies in previous years.

We love it.

Why? Well over the last five years we have:

  • Connected with a lot of interesting people and made some true friends.
  • Learnt new techniques and methods from the best in the business.
  • Discovered key results from practical case studies.
  • Shared our knowledge and experience with others.
  • Built a network of trusted partners and suppliers.

When you combine that with the beautiful, intimate setting of Dynamic Earth and the backdrop of Arthur’s Seat this is truly one event not to be missed.

Dynamic Earth Edinburgh


To be honest our biggest problem with UX Scotland has always been trying to decide which of the sessions to attend from the excellent programme!

UX Scotland 2017 Highlights

Thankfully this year’s programme doesn’t look to disappoint. With keynotes from Jared Spool, Dana Chisnell and Alberta Soranzo to kick of each day and wealth of sessions to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

And if by chance you are struggling to work out what you shouldn’t miss then here are my top three (non-keynote) sessions each day to make it to:

Day One

11am – Change through education

Neil Allison, University of Edinburgh

Reason to attend:

With 18 years under his belt embedding user centred design culture into Public Sector organisations, Neil has a treasure trove of experience to learn from. This session won’t just be about his successes and failure but will provide practical guidance in how to create impact with UX Techniques.

11.50am – Tips from being a lone research warrior: a practical guide for when you are the only person conducting research in your organisation

Emma MeehanIntercom

Reason to attend:

The fact that Emma calls herself a research warrior is enough for me…..but I’d say this is must attend for researchers to learn from her ‘wild’ methods of insight gathering. For all you designers out there, why not pop along and see what the researchers are getting up to!

13.30pm – Humanising technology: designing the future health experience

Robbie Bates, USCREATES

Reason to attend:

Being personally fascinated in AI and how we will interact with it, 90 minutes workshop looks like a great way to see what’s happening. With a clear focus on imagining how public sector organisations can utilise AI in future healthcare scenarios this sounds like a perfect afternoon of collaboratively designing a better future.

Day Two

11am – Prototyping the chatbot experience – how does conversation become the interface?

Memi BeltrameLess a Mess, Zurich

Reason to attend:
Is this really the year of the chatbot? With releases each day the difference between a ‘successbot’ and a ‘failbot’ will be providing the right information with minimal context. Memi’s will show how she overcame some complex design challenges and introduce you to Bobby the chatbot.

13.30pm – How I sprinkled magic UX pixie dust and transformed a company

Dan Healy

Reason to attend:

The title. Well and also as Dan is going to share how he is improving enterprise software by embedding a UCD culture into a traditional organisation.

15.35pm – How can stalking and stealing get you ready for the big design problem?

Jiri JerabekIntuit 

Reason to attend:

As someone who does the books I understand the challenge of designing these experiences. Jiri’s case study will take you through how he has tackled this challenge using the 4 pillars of Intuit’s design philosophy: Deep Empathy, Jobs To Be Done, Design for Delight and Innovation Catalysts.

Day Three

11.35am – Consistency…don’t get bored with it

Andrew Purnell, We Are Snook

Reason to attend:

I don’t know how many times we have extolled the virtue of ‘Consistency is King’! Andrew’s session of real-world examples will provide examples of how to ensure you deliver consistency without killing creativity.

13.20pm – When architecture and UX collide: augmenting the user experience of physical spaces

Jenny Egan, Modern Human

Reason to attend:

With a lot of friends who are architects, and now a design partner who trained as one, I’ve often been struck by how similar the practices are. Jenny is going to discuss the cross-over and how to use UX techniques and methods to design new spaces. Plus she is going to talk about using Lego Serious Play methods, need I say more?

15.35pm – How many hats can you really wear?

Spencer Turner, Cultivate

Reason to attend:

Ever wondered if cross-functional teams really are the best way forward? Can a person switch between multiple roles and do them as well? Spencer’s going to take us through this exact discussion of cross-functional model’s benefits and risks and how to mitigate them.

Fancy doing your own talk?

Well if you didn’t get your synopsis over in time for assessment – have no fear. At the end of Day One you can give your own 10 minute ‘Lightening talk’.  Email your submission or sign up on the day and get your ten minutes of UX Scotland 2017 Fame.

Don’t miss THE UX EVENT of the year

Get your ticket for UX Scotland 2017 today and be part of the best conference for UX and Design in Scotland! Just take a look at previous reviews.

PS: the social evenings are pretty fun too….

Francois and Esther at UX Scoland

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