Business & UX Strategy Resources & Links: March 2015

Business & UX Strategy Resources & Links: March 2015

Business & UX Strategy Resources & Links: March 2015 1146 651 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of a number of user experience strategy resources we’ve come across recently.

Design for continuous experimentation (SlideShare)

Just stumbled upon an amazing presentation I’d completely forgotten about! How to design for continuous experimentation by Dan McKinley, the Principal Engineer at Etsy is a must-read.

Link to presentation


Lessons learned from scaling a product team (Inside INTERCOM)

Paul Adams who, Head of Product at Intercom, wrote an in-depth blog post on the product development process they use to build and improve Intercom.

Link to article


The hidden costs that engineers ignore (The Effective Engineer)

“One of the hardest lessons to internalise in software engineering is the hidden costs of additional complexity. Sometimes, complexity is just inherent in the problem space.” Edward Lau on how poor software decisions can lead to increased costs for years to come.

Link to article


Radical redesign or incremental change? (Nielsen Norman Group)

If you’re in charge of your website and are considering what to do next give this article a read:

“Before you throw out the old and bring in the new, make sure you have solid evidence that doing so is necessary to achieve user-centred goals.”

Link to article


UX strategy blueprint (UIE)

“Developing strategy is a craft, one that involves exploration and choice but also systematic thinking. The UX Strategy Blueprint helps you see all the moving parts in a single overview. In doing so, it simplifies strategy, making an abstract concept more tangible for all involved.”

Link to article


Other links

The experience makes the product, not the features (UX Magazine)

What human-centred design means for financial inclusion (CGAP)


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