Watch the videos from Digital 2011

Watch the videos from Digital 2011

Watch the videos from Digital 2011 860 489 Border Crossing UX

Organised by Mairi Robertson of Interactive Scotland, Digital 2011 was held at the SECC in Glasgow. Hopefully this will be the first of many. The aim of the event was to connect Scotland’s digital and creative industries. Now I couldn’t network if my life depended on it so I can’t comment on the connecting bit but the day’s talks and workshops were certainly interesting.

The Digital 2011 team have posted videos of all of the sessions and workshops on Enviro Digital’s Livestream channel so do take a look if you missed the event.

There were some stand-out speakers and the quality of information shared was sometimes quite startling. Whether you’re involved with games, mobile or offline publishing you should pay particular attention to the slides.

If you only have time to watch one video I would certainly suggest Ralf-Gordon Jahns, co-founder of ideas2mobile and research2guidance talk on Monetising mobile content (skip to 43:00 mins in to this video). His presentation was full of insightful information that anyone planning or working on an app should be aware of.

Anyway the point is watch the videos to see what you missed or are trying remember using the links below:

Morning Speakers

Douglas McCabe, Enders Analysis (12:00) – excellent resources and approach that made me want to sign-up for their services immediately.

Nicholas Lovell, Games Brief (36:30) – really engaging speaker who focusses on the games industry but covered important themes applicable to digital distribution.

Tim Collins, DC Thomson – (1hr 03) – interesting take on DC Thomson’s transition to digital.

Watch the video of the morning speakers

Afternoon Speakers

Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director, Big Mouth Media (4:30) – covered some really interesting points concerning new legislation and digital marketing (in particular social media) that everyone should be aware of but probably isn’t.

Ed Whiting, Founder, We Did This – a start-up focussed on crowdsourcing funds for the arts sector.

Ralf-Gordon Jahns, Co-founder, Ideas2Mobile (43:00) – my pick of the day who combined practical advice with insightful data. Another research company we will certainly be keeping any eye on.

Bobby Hain, Director of STV – an overview of STV’s adoption of digital distribution.

Watch the video of the afternoon speakers

Panel debate: New distribution channels for TV, video & film

It’s worth a ganders but with any audience-led Q&A it is a bit hit-and-miss in terms of the questions asked.

Watch the video of the panel debtate

I’ll follow this post up with some random notes and the key take-aways I got from the conference over the coming days.

Many thanks to Mairi and the Digital 2011 events team for putting on such a brilliant event.

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