Why all the news round-up posts?

Why all the news round-up posts?

Why all the news round-up posts? 860 490 Border Crossing UX

For those of you who haven’t come across one of these yet, these posts are just links, there’s no explanatory or summary text. Although I sometimes think adding some would be beneficial I’ve stuck to simply calling out the sources we value. And it is for this very reason that I often get asked why I write a news round-up post each week. Well the reasons for this are:

  • It allows our remote team to easily share and digest the things that we find interesting as individuals
  • I, and a few other members of our team, can’t get into RSS readers
  • I love The Week magazine and think its format is something that is ideally suited to the Web
  • We are responsible for the hosting and back-up of this data

I also get asked why I don’t use an online/social bookmarking doodah.

Well, I’ve certainly tried but I’ve never really bought into them.

This may have something to do with the fact that even on my own computer I constantly back-up my bookmarks. Therefore, the thought of trusting our bookmarks to a hosted service alone really doesn’t sit well.

But you do it with email don’t you?

Err, no actually I don’t. I use mail clients that back up all my emails and all work related ones get dumped on a back-up drive and then they’re piped out to S3.

What S3?!!!! But you don’t control that.

Yeah, I know but I trust Amazon.

Irrational maybe, but I’m paying them for a service and they haven’t let me down yet.

The other major reason I do write-ups on our blog is that other people seem to appreciate it.

I’d be happy using something like delicious in addition to our regular write-up but this still wouldn’t fulfill all of the reasons we do a write-up.

Hence, the decision to stick with our current approach.

That said, I did recently bookmark this … so who knows you may be seeing a delicious embed some time soon.

I doubt it though.

UPDATE: I finally made the move over to Delicious and believe it or not I’m really pleased I did!

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