Border Crossing UX is a user experience design consultancy based in Edinburgh and London.

We help organisations accelerate innovation, adoption, and growth. For over 10 years, our research, strategy and user centred design services have produced profitable outcomes across sectors.

Medium-to-large companies and public sector organisations choose us to solve complex problems, explore new opportunities and develop new value propositions, products and services.

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User centred approach

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Our Vision

Imagine a better world, and create it.

Our Mission

Accelerate innovation, adoption and growth.

Our Values


We focus on solving the right problems, so we can achieve more with less.


We build consensus and momentum through respect, empathy and honest feedback.


We strive to make positive change and are always conscious of the impact of our work.


We continuously challenge our assumptions to deliver the outcomes that matter most.

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Management team

Esther Stringer

Managing Director

I help brands functionally and emotionally connect with people. My empathy and attention to detail helps Clients understand what matters most to their customers.

I love to explore opportunities and validate assumptions using a variety of research and design thinking methods. I am lucky to have a diverse job spanning the business. In essence, my role is understanding what our Clients problems are and their individual context. Then I scope out what needs to be discovered or tested, and how.

With a firm grounding in physics I love analysing and improving services, systems and processes. I am happiest when designing efficient ways to do something, whether it is for a Client or our own business.

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François Roshdy

UX Director

I’m constantly amazed at technology, and how the way we use it, can change the way we do things. That’s why, I believe user centred design and continuous improvement are the most sensible approaches to building something new or doing something better.

At Border Crossing UX, I’m responsible for leading user experience projects. Whether we’re defining a user experience strategy or optimising an existing sign-up process, it’s my job to ensure we focus on the people and outcomes that matter.

In short, I’m at my happiest when I get to collaborate with clients on projects that solve challenging business problems.

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Join the team

We’re always on the lookout for ambitious people who love collaborating, solving problems, and delivering high quality outcomes. Sound like you?

Our space and facilities

We’ve got the perfect studio space for conducting user research and collaborative design.

Our approach

We take a user centred approach to harnessing new opportunities and solving complex business problems. This allows us to test ideas and balance your organisation’s objectives with people’s needs.

1. Define

Identify the core challenge and its key stakeholders.

2. Discover

Explore the problem and the people it impacts.

3. Generate

Develop ideas and prioritise potential solutions.

4. Test

Validate assumptions and evaluate concepts.

5. Deliver

Provide the outputs and ongoing support required.

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