We believe in specialising in what you’re good at.

That’s why a broad range of partners – including direct and indirect competitors – choose us when they want to partner with a user experience specialist.

Who do you partner with?

Over the past 10 years, we’ve established two-way partnerships with a broad range of companies. This includes:
  • Other IA, IxD, UX, SD, CX and UCD specialists
  • Branding and advertising agencies
  • Web development agencies
  • Ecommerce specialists
  • Software engineering and product development teams
  • Systems integration and business process outsourcing specialists
  • Research consultancies, tools, and platforms
  • Analytics tools and platforms
  • SEO and PPC agencies
  • PR and strategic comms agencies
  • Events and conference producers
  • Freelance specialists

Why partner with Border Crossing UX?

A dependable referral option:

Refer your clients to a specialist user experience consultancy you can trust.

Strategic input:

Leverage our experience to define the right approach or extract the information needed to identify this.

Accurate estimates:

We’ll help you define the granular time and effort estimates you need.

Value focussed:

We pride ourselves on helping partners deliver the most value for the least effort.

Flexible sub-contracting or outsourcing solutions:

We provide a range of resourcing options, in either a white-label or transparent capacity, that partners use to:

  • Support or respond to bids and tenders
  • Increase their in-house teams’ capabilities, capacity, and efficiency
  • Access UK-based resources and expertise
  • Deliver high-quality consultancy and deliverables
  • Accelerate stalled or delayed projects
  • Increase client satisfaction and retention
Reduced research, testing and workshop facilities fees:

Get discounted access to our online tools and Edinburgh-based research and workshop facilities.

Inbound leads:

We regularly ask our partners to collaborate on a broad range of private and public sector projects we’re the lead on. This includes projects relating to the following public sector framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems:

Digital outcomes 6

A route to market to access agile development and user-centred design services to accelerate innovation within the public sector.

Low value purchase system

Specialist research services can be accessed by all of the public sector, their associated bodies and agencies via this agreement. 

Digital technology services (Scotland)

Which provides public sector organisations in Scotland with access to a range of digital technology skills, as well as supporting the delivery of agile projects.

Inbound referrals:

We often refer our clients to partners.

What our clients think

How we work with partners?

Partners tend to work with us in one of 2 ways:

Transparent and collaborative partnerships

We openly collaborate on new sales and existing client projects. There’s nothing anonymised or white-labelled. We’re 100% transparent about our working relationship and make this clear to any client. In short, we take a together we’ll deliver better outcomes approach! Examples include:

  • Developing a search engine optimisation specialist’s conversion rate optimisation capabilities
  • Collaborating on high-value public sector tenders that require specialist input with a global systems integrator
  • Designing and facilitating a series of design sprints for a global technology company
  • Providing user experience audits and ongoing user experience support to a SaaS product development team
  • Providing retained user experience support for a number of different web development agencies clients
  • Providing a digital agency with dedicated user experience resources.

White-label partnerships

We appreciate it’s not always possible, appropriate, or conducive to be open about a partnership or supplier relationship that may be in place. In these instances we’re happy to conduct work in a white-label capacity.

Again, we have a broad range of types of white-label relationships in which we’re the supplier. Examples include:

  • Running research and design sprints for a global technology company’s client
  • Program managing a major web app development project for a major sporting institution on behalf of a global consultancy
  • Providing strategic and tactical user experience support for an e-commerce specialist that engages us to help them win and retain key clients
  • Providing white-label reports for a broad range of digital, full-service and specialist agencies
  • Conducting research and redesigning key user journeys for a full-service agency’s key client

How do you approach pricing?

We help partners minimise risk by providing a range of flexible engagement options:
Time and materials projects

Flexible resourcing based on a fixed rate card.

Fixed price projects

Fixed fees for fixed scope projects.

Retained resources

Guaranteed resources / effort over a fixed term.

Call-off agreements

Use one purchase order for multiple orders across multiple projects.

Want to discuss partnering with Border Crossing UX?

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