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Public sector clients can save time by contracting our services through the following procurement frameworks and dynamic purchasing systems:

Crown Commercial Services

Digital outcomes 6 framework agreement
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Through this framework, Central Government, Charities, Education, Health, Local authority, Blue light (police, fire, ambulance, search and rescue) and devolved administrations can find suppliers who can design, build, and provide clearly defined bespoke digital projects and services, using an agile approach.

These digital projects can be provided by a single expert or by a team of experts.

You can also use this agreement to find:

  • Studio space to conduct user research
  • Users with the appropriate characteristics to test your service

This new agreement will run alongside RM6263 Digital Specialists and Programmes. Together they will replace RM1043.7 Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5.

What you can buy:

Lot 1 Digital Outcomes

Access teams of 1 or more digital specialists who will provide outcome-based services under clearly defined pieces of work.

Lot 2 User Research Studios

Hire studio space in which to conduct user research activity.

Lot 3 User Research Participants

Find users with the required attributes and characteristics to test a digital product or service.

How to buy:

The Digital Outcomes 6 framework can only be awarded through further competition via the Digital Marketplace and cannot be awarded directly. For a full guide on the purchasing process, download the Crown Commercial Service RM1043.8 Buyer guide.

Low value purchase system
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If you are a public sector buyer, the Low value purchase system (LVPS) agreement offers a simple, efficient route to a wide range of suppliers of common goods and services for below threshold contracts. With LVPS, you can run a mini-competition to select a supplier. There is also the option to direct award, you will need to ensure compliance with your corporate procurement policy.

What you can buy:

You can access our research and consultancy services via this system.

How to buy:

Learn more about purchasing via the Low value purchase system.

The Scottish Government’s Procurement and Property Directorate

Digital technology and cyber services: dynamic purchasing system

This dynamic purchasing system (DPS), is for the provision of digital technology and cyber services (DTCS). It replaces the DPS 2.0 for digital and technology services which expired in March 2023. This dynamic purchasing system to continue to provide Scottish public sector and third sector bodies with a quick route to market for digital technology and cyber security services.

The service is used by a broad range of public sector organisations including; central government, health, local authorities, universities and colleges, third sector organisations and other public bodies.

Our services are available via:
Lot 2: Digital technology resources

The digital resources lot is expected to provide access to a diverse range of skills and expertise in support of digital technology services. This lot is focused on Digital specialists/resources, project/programme managers, data
specialists, etc, such as:

  • Digital specialists
  • Project/Programme managers
  • User researchers
  • Business analysts
  • Solution architects
  • Data modelling
  • Digital consultants.

Lot 3: Digital training services

This lot is focused on digital training services and bespoke development such as:

  • standard ICT training courses
  • project management training
  • off the shelf training packages for commonly used applications such as Microsoft 365
  • bespoke training development services
  • training analysis and strategy development
  • train the trainer services
  • individual training coaches and train the trainer.

How to buy:

For more information on how to access and use the system please refer to the Digital technology and cyber services DPS: Buyer’s guide.

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