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Increase engagement across segments

National Galleries of Scotland

National Galleries of Scotland wanted to identify how well their content was performing across channels.

We analysed in-house, and competitor, content to identify issues, opportunities and best practice guidelines. Then, we collaborated with content creators and owners, across departments, to prioritise and roadmap optimisations. This process has helped NGS adopt a user-centred approach to creating and disseminating content.

Optimise key digital products and services

NHS 24

NHS 24 needed to ensure their digital products and services helped citizens find the health and social care information they need, when they need it.

Following an initial UX audit, we facilitated a series of workshops with senior stakeholders to define revised value propositions, UX strategies and product development roadmaps. The improvements implemented have resulted in increased awareness, usage and engagement with NHS Inform and the National Services Directory.

Increase client engagement and retention

Lockton Insurance

Lockton needed to maintain its position as the World’s largest privately-owned insurance broker. To do this it needed to transform its ability to engage, service and retain clients online.

Border Crossing UX collaborated with a range of departments and business-lines to roadmap customer-facing and back-office requirements. We then collaborated on the development of a new online customer-portal, quoting engine and renewal process. This has resulted in increased client engagement and retention across product-lines.

Rapidly improve critical user journeys

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Sandyford delivers critical sexual health services to the public of Greater Glasgow & Clyde. This means they must meet the needs of a universal audience, including hard-to-reach priority groups.

We were engaged to improve Sandyford’s website and its associated microsites. Through user research and open design, we identified what worked well, and where there were opportunities to create better user journeys. Our UX support empowered NHS GGC to make significant improvements to how they create and distribute information online.

Enhance rural communities & the environment

Innovation Festival 2019

For the 3rd NWG Innovation Festival, CGI wanted to start a Rural Revolution by exploring how they could enhance rural communities and the environment using emerging technology.

We designed and co-facilitated a 5-day collaborative Design Sprint. Together, we developed and prototyped Dragonfly. This water-powered sensor and 5G network enabler, sits in waterways monitoring the quality and flow of the river. Which means water companies can identify where, and when, there are pollution incidents. The provision of a 5G mesh network also means rural communities, who previously could not access high-speed Internet, will now be able to do so.

Transform the perception of cricket in Scotland

Cricket Scotland

Cricket Scotland needed to transform its brand, communication, and digital capabilities.

Our user research and collaborative design process enabled us to effectively transform their brand strategy, identity, and digital touch points.

This resulted in increased reach and engagement across key stakeholder groups.

Improve how people plan a visit

National Galleries of Scotland

National Galleries of Scotland were digitally transforming their organisation and needed to increase their in-house user experience capabilities.

We undertook retrospective interviews with key stakeholders to evaluate the work completed and establish the priorities for the next phase of development. We then facilitated a series of workshops to collaboratively design revised user journeys with in-house teams. This approach ensured stakeholders were effectively represented and key customer journeys were optimised and roadmapped for development.

Get people where they need to go

Lothian Buses

Lothian Buses wanted to provide the best cross-channel experience possible. They asked us to audit and improve the user experience their apps provide.

We developed proto-personas and identified top tasks prior to conducting a UX audit. This combined with competitor benchmarking and voice of the customer analysis allowed us to identify and prioritise 79 actionable recommendations.

Following this we facilitated a collaborative design studio to resolve key design challenges and explore added value features. This resulted in apps that focused on top tasks and included safety and alert features.

Deliver a consistent global experience


Webhelp needed to know how well they were performing across territories and identify improvement opportunities.

Our Expert Review identified and prioritised 165 recommendations that would improve their online customer experience. These insights helped them understand how to effectively connect digitally with customers in different territories. Which in turn directly informed their approach to localisation and future development roadmap.

Use SMART technologies to improve customers’ lives

Innovation Festival 2018

CGI and the Northumbria Water Group wanted to explore: How might SMART technologies be used to improve customers’ lives?

We designed and co-facilitated a 5-day sprint that resulted in the development of Barnacle; an IOT sensor that measures the quality of water supply within customers’ homes, and Clampy; which monitors the flow of water into a property.

These truly innovative solutions will help water companies reduce leakage, increase resilience and resolve issues before they occur. Which is why NWG has already made these available to customers for free.

Reduce the strain on Accident & Emergency

NHS Scotland

NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government wanted to help people to a speedier recovery and reduce the strain on Accident and Emergency departments.

We were commissioned to design, test, and develop a centralised resource to help people in Scotland find the right medical assistance when they’re ill, injured or have a long-term condition. This resulted in the first responsive web application using live feeds built for NHS Scotland and The Scottish Government. By doing this we ensured that NHS Scotland could deliver the most relevant and usable information across devices, and locations, in Scotland.

Make Scotland the best place to grow up

The Scottish Government

The Play Strategy Implementation Group wanted to assess what resources were available to help parents and carers play with children. They wanted to know what was available, who it was suitable for, and how accessible the resources were.

We undertook research to discover and quantify what information was available. We then assessed and segmented these by type, target audience, location and a variety of other factors. This identified clear gaps and examples of best practice. Our actionable recommendations helped the Play Strategy Implementation Group share best practice and create new resources for under-served segments.

Overhaul a business-critical purchasing process

Edinburgh Bus Tours

Edinburgh Bus Tours wanted to ensure the online experience of researching and purchasing a ticket, reflected the 5-star tourist experience they deliver.

We were engaged to explore if, and how, digital touch-points could be optimised to improve this journey. As this involved a diverse range of user types, extensive primary research was required. Key insights from on-street interviews informed a collaborative design process with a range of stakeholders. The outputs from this led to short-term revisions, and clearly detailed how EBT could transform their online purchasing and ticketing processes.

Inspire the Districts of Creativity

The Scottish Government

The Scottish Government, who were hosting a delegation from The Districts of Creativity (DoC), wanted to improve communication between the DoC members and showcase the Scottish Creative Industries.

We collaborated with the Scottish Government to design, facilitate and coordinate a series of workshops. With over 50 delegates from around the World, we used serious play, mindfulness and gamification techniques to help build lasting relationships within the group, and improve communication going forwards.

Turn a complex process into a business


Prior to CubaCasa it was impossible to book a traditional Cuban casa online, outside of Cuba.

We helped CubaCasa design, deliver and optimise an innovative digital solution that complied with stringent domestic regulations yet enabled instant online bookings from across the Globe.

The business has gone from strength to strength and now showcases the largest catalogue of casas available online.

Optimise services for micro-businesses

Business Gateway

The Business Gateway needed to ensure it met the needs of micro-businesses in Edinburgh. We were engaged to evaluate the relevance, usefulness and reach of their services from a micro-business’ perspective. This involved analysing services, marketing materials and key points of interaction.

We translated key insights into representative personas that clearly detailed how a diverse range of micro-businesses were likely to think, feel and do during the client lifecycle. We then collaborated with staff to roadmap improvements that would ensure Business Gateway services were as relevant and useful as possible to micro-businesses.

man looking at workshop outputs

Thrive at work in 2030

Innovation Festival 2017

CGI wanted to explore how people could Thrive at work in 2030 with Northumbria Water (NWG). They commissioned us to deliver a 5-day sprint at the inaugural NWG Innovation Festival.

Following a set of workshops with the CGI team, we designed the process and developed artefacts to provide context for the challenge. We facilitated a Design Thinking Sprint with over 50 participants. By investigating aspects of living and working in 2030, we developed 4 prototypes that would help enhance people’s lives in 2030.

Following the Innovation Festival, 2 of the prototypes, a social listening tool and an Alexa skill, have been launched as products by NWG.

Deliver award winning ecommerce experiences

Digital Boutique

Digital Boutique have a track-record of delivering industry-leading ecommerce experiences.

When they need support from user experience specialists, they turn to us. Over the past 3 years, we’ve collaborated on numerous projects, that span a range of industry sectors.

From ad-hoc consultancy to specialist support with enterprise-scale digital transformations, we ensure Digital Boutique get the independent and specialist advice they need, as and when, they need it.

Rapidly validate a new concept


An established print publisher wanted to test a new concept for an online magazine.

We facilitated a concept development process to rapidly develop a minimal viable product to test. Having established who their primary target audience were, we developed a simple magazine website and newsletter to test their audience’s appetite for this new publication. Working with an experienced team meant we were able to quickly design internal systems, processes, and tools for them to efficiently publish content. Post-launch, we worked with the in-house team for 18 months to optimise and monetise the publication, based on real usage.

Deliver key learning outcomes online

Lockton & Law Society of Scotland

Lockton and the Law Society of Scotland wanted to develop eLearning content that would be relevant and useful to firms of all sizes.

We worked with subject matter experts to prototype, design and develop a series of online CPD courses. These had to be easy-to-use, and provide users with the correct information, at the right time. Extensive testing across a broad range of Law firms prior to launch has ensured that these critical CPD training resources are actively used and deliver key learning outcomes.

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