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For over 10 years, our user centred approach has helped companies respond to changes in human behaviour and profit from technology.

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Objectively assess products, services, and experiences.


Radically optimise cross-channel journeys and experiences.


Investigate and solve complex business problems.


Rapidly develop, test, and launch new value propositions.

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People Don’t Care About Your Digital Transformation – They Just Want Their $#!T to Work!

It might seem like a bold choice to give a talk about how people don’t care about digital transformation at a Digital Transformation Summit, but as an expert in User Research, Esther Stringer knows the importance of ensuring stakeholder buy in and giving users what they really want and need – something that works. This post gives an overview of the talk and its key takeawys.

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Designing in an interconnected world

The way the design thinking process embraces uncertainty and creatively works through problems makes it very effective in tackling complexity and creating new possibilities. This was the sentiment held by many speakers at the UX Scotland conference and is what we try to remember through every project at Border Crossing UX.

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Participants interacting with our stand at Service Design in Government

Reflections from Service Design in Government 

Attending Service Design in Government was extremely valuable for gaining advice, understanding and practical strategies for working within large and complex organisations.

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