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Enhance rural communities

NWG Innovation Festival
For the 3rd NWG Innovation Festival, CGI wanted to start a rural revolution by exploring how they could enhance rural communities and the environment using emerging technology.

We designed and co-facilitated a 5-day collaborative design sprint. Together, we developed and prototyped Dragonfly. This water-powered sensor and 5G network enabler, sits in waterways monitoring the quality and flow of the river. Which means water companies can identify where, and when, there are pollution incidents. The provision of a 5G mesh network also means rural communities, who previously could not access high-speed Internet, will now be able to do so.
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Rapidly improve critical user journeys

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHS GGC)
Sandyford, NHS GGC’s specialist sexual health service, needs to meet the needs of a universal audience, including hard-to-reach priority groups.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to improve Sandyford’s website and its associated micro-sites. Through user research and open design, we identified what worked well, and where there were opportunities to create better user journeys. This approach empowered Sandyford to implement key changes rapidly and make significant long-term improvements to how they create and distribute information online.
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Use SMART technology to improve customers’ lives

NWG Innovation Festival
CGI and the Northumbria Water Group wanted to explore: How might SMART technologies be used to improve customers’ lives?

We designed and co-facilitated a 5-day sprint that resulted in the development of Barnacle; an IOT sensor that measures the quality of water supply within customers’ homes, and Clampy; which monitors the flow of water into a property. These truly innovative solutions will help water companies reduce leakage, increase resilience, and resolve issues before they occur. Which is why NWG has already made these available to customers for free.
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Adopt a user centred approach to digital transformation

An undisclosed sport’s governing body wanted to adopt an experience-led approach to digital transformation.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to support an in-house team design a range of new products. Our team defined why these products were being developed and what they needed to achieve from an end-user’s perspective.
This enabled the organisation to adopt a user centred approach to evaluating and reprioritising each of their product backlogs.
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Increase acquisition and retention

MDDUS wanted to radically improve the experience they delivered to prospects and members.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to audit the current state and collaborate with internal stakeholders to define what capabilities would be required to increase customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention in the future. Given the scale and scope of the proposed changes a prioritised backlog was developed. Ongoing support was also provided to ensure all changes were implemented appropriately.
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Deliver a user-centred website

NHS Highland
NHS Highland wanted to take a once in a decade opportunity to implement a user-centred website that meets the disparate needs of citizens, professionals, and other key stakeholders.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to support NHS Highland adhere to the Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD). Following an extensive content audit and competitor review, a set of proto-personas that encompassed key stakeholder segments were developed to inform the prioritisation of information and features. This informed a transformed approach to information architecture and the development of a set of wireframes that prioritised the requirements of the user, not the health board. Evaluative testing and ongoing feedback loops were also implemented to ensure NHS Highland has the capabilities it needs to continuously improve this critical digital touch point.
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Deliver award winning ecommerce experiences

Digital Boutique
Digital Boutique have a track-record of delivering industry-leading ecommerce experiences.

When they need support from user experience specialists, they turn to us. Over the past 5 years, we’ve collaborated on numerous projects, that span a range of industry sectors. From ad-hoc consultancy to specialist support with enterprise-scale digital transformations, we ensure Digital Boutique get the independent and specialist advice they need, as and when, they need it.
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Create a compelling product range

MDDUS Solutions
MDDUS Solutions wanted to design a range of contractual insurance and discretionary indemnity products that met the unique needs of medical and dental businesses.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to assist in-house departments adopt a user-centred approach to product design and development. Extensive market and customer research informed a collaborative design process that resulted in the development of a range of value propositions that have been engineered to scale alongside a healthcare business as it grows.
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Maximise the impact of a global sporting event

An undisclosed sport’s governing body wanted to maximise the impact of a global sporting tournament.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to design a tournament-specific touch point that would provide fans with stats, competitions, and exclusive content. To overcome substantial time and technology constraints an agile process was adopted. This enabled the project team to launch early and develop a high-quality tournament experience that has exceeded expectations.
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Optimise key digital products

NHS 24
NHS 24 needed to ensure their digital products and services helped citizens find the health and social care information they need, when they need it.

Following an initial user experience (UX) audit, we facilitated a series of workshops with senior stakeholders to define user experience principles, revised value propositions, and product development roadmaps. This process accelerated external development processes and the improvements implemented have resulted in increased usage of both NHS Inform and the National Services Directory.
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Make Scotland the best place to grow up

The Scottish Government
The Play Strategy Implementation Group wanted to assess what resources were available to help parents and carers play with children. They wanted to know what was available, who it was suitable for, and how accessible the resources were.

We undertook research to discover and quantify what information was available. We then assessed and segmented these by type, target audience, location, and a variety of other factors. This identified clear gaps and examples of best practice. Our actionable recommendations helped the Play Strategy Implementation Group share best practice and create new resources for under-served segments.
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Transform a critical B2B purchasing process

One of the UK’s largest businesses needed to transform their B2B sales processes.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to support their in-house development team overhaul their highest value purchasing process. Our team of user experience specialists was embedded on-site and contributed to an agile development process that resulted in a revised ordering system that has increased the volume and value of online orders.
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Deliver a consistent global experience

Webhelp needed to identify how they were performing across territories and what they could do to improve the experiences they delivered online.

A series of UX audits identified and prioritised 165 recommendations that would improve their online customer experience, across markets. These insights helped them understand how to optimise the experiences they delivered customers in each of the different territories they operated in. Which in turn directly informed their approach to localisation and their global technical development roadmap.
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Get people where they need to go quickly

Lothian Buses
Lothian Buses wanted to provide the best cross-channel experience possible. They asked us to audit and improve the user experience their mobile apps provide.

Prior to conducting a user experience audit, we conducted user research that helped us identify archetypes and top tasks. This combined with competitor benchmarking and voice of the customer analysis allowed us to identify and prioritise 79 actionable recommendations. Following this we facilitated a collaborative design studio to resolve key design challenges and explore added value features. This resulted in the development of updated apps that focused on top tasks and included safety and alert features.
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Maximise sales and donations

National Galleries of Scotland
The National Galleries of Scotland wanted to maximise the value of the sales and donations they generated online.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to audit key user journeys, and back-office processes that underpinned them, to identify issues or blockers that could be having a negative impact on digital sales and donations. Once solutions were identified, Border Crossing UX collaborated with internal stakeholders and external suppliers to ensure key content, design, and technical changes were implemented effectively.
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Deliver key learning outcomes online

Lockton & Law Society of Scotland
Lockton and the Law Society of Scotland wanted to develop eLearning content that would be relevant and useful to firms of all sizes.

We worked with subject matter experts to prototype, design, and develop a series of online CPD courses. These had to be easy-to-use, and provide users with the correct information, at the right time. Extensive testing across a broad range of Law firms prior to launch has ensured that these critical CPD training resources are actively used and deliver key learning outcomes.
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