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Respond to disruptive market entrants

An undisclosed financial services company wanted to identify how best to address the threat of new market entrants.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to conduct an in-depth analysis of key competitors. This was focussed on trying to understand how technology and resourcing decisions were likely to impact operational capabilities and organisational agility. Key findings were then translated into Board recommendations that informed revisions to strategic plans and operational investments.
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Rapidly scale digital capabilities

An undisclosed specialist insurer needed to reduce their operational costs by scaling their digital marketing, sales, and customer service capabilities.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to explore if and how operational savings could be achieved by developing digital self-service capabilities. Following a series of primary and secondary research activities, key acquisition, customer service, and retention journeys were prototyped. These were then tested to ensure they met the needs of prospects, customers, and staff. The resultant digital capabilities have eradicated unnecessary manual processing, delivered substantial operational savings, and extended the insurers ability to enter lower margin markets.
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Make a key investment decision

An undisclosed insurer wanted to identify the potential return on investment of developing a new distribution and customer service channel.

Border Crossing UX was engaged to develop an objective business case that would empower senior decision-makers to make an informed decision. A series of stakeholder interviews was supplemented by research into direct and indirect competitors. This enabled us to validate in-house assumptions, identify key priorities, and define a robust business case that facilitated a rapid decision making process on a key investment.
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Radically improve reach and conversions 

An undisclosed financial services company wanted to increase customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention.

Following an audit of the “current state” we collaborated with Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and Underwriting departments to optimise key user journeys and transactional processes. Once the future state was defined, we supported in-house departments and external suppliers to implement and enhance the proposed changes as part of a 2-year transformation programme.
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Transform perception across channels

A traditional financial services company wanted to transform the perception of its brand.

Following the development of a revised brand strategy, Border Crossing UX was engaged to address issues with the proposed brand identity and define how this should be applied across channels and touch points. This resulted in the development of a cross-channel design system and a library of template assets that ensured the revised identity was applied consistently, and efficiently, across all required applications.
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Prioritise and roadmap a programme of work

Sandyford (NHS GGC)
Adults with learning disabilities (LD) are underrepresented at the Sandyford Sexual Health Service. The Health Improvement Team wanted to explore current staff practice and identify how best to address this.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to design and facilitate an event that identified how best to translate a series of recommendations into a prioritised roadmap. We collaborated with a diverse Working Group to develop a design thinking event that established a shared understanding of the challenges to be overcome, stimulated collaboration, and ultimately achieved a consensus of how to plan the required programme of work. These were distilled into a report and proposed roadmap that was delivered in multiple formats to facilitate sharing and ongoing iteration.
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Get the right attendees through the door

EventIt is a trade show aimed at professionals within Scotland’s events and festivals industry.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to help their in-house team focus on what needed to be done to get 1,000 registrations and a minimum of 750 people through the door on the day of their first annual event. To achieve this we had to rapidly develop a website and event app to capture registrations. We then developed a series of targeted digital and personal outreach campaigns that resulted in over 1,000 registrations, of which over 75% attended on the day. valuable registrations within 4 weeks. This ensured the event was a success for exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees.
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Define a member-led strategic plan

Scottish Sports Association
The Scottish Sports Association (SSA) is a member-led organisation that brings sports governing bodies together with a wide range of partners to shape, strengthen, and promote sport in Scotland. The SSA needed to develop a new strategic plan that effectively positioned the organisation and met the needs of current and future members.

Border Crossing UX were engaged to design and facilitate a collaborative design process that involved existing and prospective members in the definition, and validation, of a new member-led strategic plan. The output is a clear and actionable business plan that will guide the organisation’s key activities for the next 5 years.
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Optimise a business-critical purchasing process

Edinburgh Bus Tours
Edinburgh Bus Tours wanted to ensure the online experience of researching and purchasing a ticket reflected the 5-star tourist experience they deliver.

We were engaged to explore if, and how, digital touch-points could be optimised to improve this journey. As this involved a diverse range of user types, extensive primary research was required. Key insights from on-street interviews informed a collaborative design process with a range of stakeholders. This resulted in the definition of short-term optimisation tactics and a roadmap that clearly detailed how key online processes could be transformed over the long-term.
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Enhance rural communities

NWG Innovation Festival
For the 3rd NWG Innovation Festival, CGI wanted to start a rural revolution by exploring how they could enhance rural communities and the environment using emerging technology.

We designed and co-facilitated a 5-day collaborative design sprint. Together, we developed and prototyped Dragonfly. This water-powered sensor and 5G network enabler, sits in waterways monitoring the quality and flow of the river. Which means water companies can identify where, and when, there are pollution incidents. The provision of a 5G mesh network also means rural communities, who previously could not access high-speed Internet, will now be able to do so.
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Thrive at work in 2030

NWG Innovation Festival
CGI wanted to explore how people could thrive at work in 2030 at the inaugural NWG Innovation Festival. They commissioned us to design and deliver a 5-day sprint, alongside their team of subject matter experts.

Following a set of workshops with the CGI team, we designed an event-specific process and developed artefacts to provide context for the challenge. We then facilitated a design thinking sprint with over 50 participants each day. By investigating aspects of living and working in 2030, we developed 4 prototypes that would help enhance people’s lives in 2030.
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Inspire the Districts of Creativity

The Scottish Government
The Scottish Government, wanted to improve communication between Districts of Creativity members and showcase Scottish Creative Industries to delegates from around the world.

We collaborated with the Scottish Government to design, facilitate, and coordinate a series of workshops. With over 50 delegates from around the World, we used serious play, mindfulness, and gamification techniques to help build lasting relationships within the group, and improve communication going forwards.
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Optimise services for micro-businesses

Business Gateway
The Business Gateway needed to ensure it met the needs of micro-businesses in Edinburgh. We were engaged to evaluate the relevance, usefulness and reach of their services from a micro-business’ perspective. This involved analysing services, marketing materials and key points of interaction.

We translated key insights into representative personas that clearly detailed how a diverse range of micro-businesses were likely to think, feel and do during the client lifecycle. We then collaborated with staff to roadmap improvements that would ensure Business Gateway services were as relevant and useful as possible to micro-businesses.
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Turn a complex process into a business

Cuba Casa
Prior to CubaCasa it was impossible to book a traditional Cuban casa online, outside of Cuba.

We helped CubaCasa design, deliver, and optimise an innovative digital solution that complied with stringent domestic regulations yet enabled instant online bookings from across the Globe. The business has gone from strength to strength and now showcases the largest catalogue of casas available online.
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Rapidly validate a new business idea

An established print publisher, Canongate Communications, wanted to test a new concept for an online magazine.

We facilitated a concept development process to rapidly develop a minimal viable product to test. Having established who their primary target audience were, we then developed a simple magazine website and newsletter to test their audience’s appetite for this new publication. Working with an experienced team meant we were able to quickly design internal systems, processes, and tools for them to efficiently publish content. Post-launch, we worked with the in-house team to monetise and continuosly improve the publication.
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