Rapidly evaluate and effectively govern the content you publish.

Content can be an incredibly powerful and scalable way to reach, engage, and convert people. Whilst creating and publishing content is easier than ever before, governing and optimising it isn’t.
That’s why clients choose us to identify what information and content is working for their target audience, and what might need to be improved.

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What is a content audit?

A content audit is a research-led report that assesses the quality of the information and content you publish. This is achieved by examining what content currently exists against a predefined assessment criteria that encompasses the following:

  • End-user needs
  • Information design, content development, search engine optimisation, and usability best practices
  • Business goals
  • brand guidelines

With over 10 years experience of auditing content across a broad range of touch points and channels, our Content audits clearly detail:

  • What information and content has been published on a specific touch point
  • How this information and content is performing
  • What information and content should be maintained, updated, or removed
  • What information and content is missing

A content audit should be considered when you need to:

  • Create an inventory of the information and content you currently publish
  • Evaluate the information and content people come into contact with
  • Govern an extensive content library
  • Update your existing content strategy
  • Update your existing content strategy

Key benefits of a content audit

Identify issues or gaps people encounter.
Make informed content governance decisions.
Maximise awareness, engagement, and action.

What do I get?

In the course of conducting a content audit we will develop the following deliverables:
  • Content audit framework and assessment criteria
  • Key findings and recommendations report
  • Key findings and recommendations presentation
  • A prioritised list of key action points


Fees for a content audit start from £15,000 (exc. VAT).


The minimum turn-around time for a content audit is 4 weeks.

What our clients think

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How do you approach content audits?

Our user centred approach to content audits ensures we:

1. Identify objectives, priorities and constraints

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Measurements of success framework
  • Project plan

2. Define the assessment criteria

  • Business analysis and stakeholder interviews
  • Target audience analysis
  • Competitor analysis

3. Catalogue content

  • Information logging
  • Content logging
  • Meta data logging

4. Define opportunities, issues, and recommendations

  • Information design and content analysis
  • Search engine optimisation review
  • Issue logging and prioritisation

5. Communicate findings effectively

  • Face to face presentation(s)
  • Formal reports and executive summaries
  • Prioritised actions backlog
  • On-going support

A content audit is guaranteed to help you evaluate and rapidly improve the content you publish.

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