Rapidly identify the problems and blockers people face.

Developing new brands, products and services has never been easier. But making sure you deliver a positive experience across channels is still a complex task.

To succeed, you need to ensure all your touch points and processes meet the needs of your specific target audience. That’s why clients ask us to objectively assess their touch points and key journeys.

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What is an expert review?

An expert review is a fast and cost-effective way to identify how to improve a website, application, or campaign from an end-user’s perspective. Our user experience specialists will evaluate your touch points to:

  • Identify issues that prevent or dissuade people from converting
  • Benchmark your performance against best practice
  • Define and prioritise actionable recommendations

Whether you’re about to launch a new touch point or trying to optimise an existing one, an expert review will help you prioritise the changes that matter most.

Key benefits of an expert review

Resolve blockers, issues, and pain points.
Increase the volume and value of conversions.
Rapid turn-around times (days not weeks).

What do I get?

In addition to presenting key findings, we also offer a number of documentation options. Simply choose the output format(s) you prefer, and we’ll provide a comprehensive report that contains:
  • A prioritised list of actionable recommendations
  • A summary of all primary and secondary research findings
  • Visual examples to illustrate key issues and action points


Fees for an expert review start from £2,500 (exc. VAT). Fixed prices are dependent on scope.


The minimum turn-around time for an expert review is 5 working days.

What our clients think

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We’ll help you identify the changes that matter most.

How do you approach expert reviews?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve developed a process that ensures our clients get the insights and recommendations they need. Whether we’re doing an expert review on a product, service, or campaign, our user centred approach ensures we:

1. Define objectives, priorities, and constraints

  • Kick-off workshop
  • Measurements of success framework
  • Project plan and schedule

2. Conduct secondary research

  • Business analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Target audience segmentation
  • Persona development

3. Conduct primary research

  • Top task analysis
  • Best practice reviews
  • Evaluative research and testing
  • Issue logging and diagnosis

4. Define issues and recommendations

  • Brand and value proposition
  • Information architecture
  • Interface and interaction design
  • Usability and technical development backlogs

5. Communicate findings effectively

  • Face to face presentation(s)
  • Annotated visual documentation
  • Formal reports
  • Issue logs and prioritisation spreadsheets

Our expert reviews are guaranteed to provide the objective analysis and insights you need.

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