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Reduce the strain on Accident & Emergency

NHS Scotland
NHS Scotland and The Scottish Government wanted to help people to a speedier recovery and reduce the strain on Accident and Emergency departments.

We were commissioned to design, test, and develop a centralised resource to help people in Scotland find the right medical assistance when they’re ill, injured, or have a long-term condition. This resulted in the first responsive web application using live feeds built for NHS Scotland and The Scottish Government. By doing this we ensured that NHS Scotland could deliver the most relevant and usable information across devices, and locations, in Scotland.
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Increase client engagement and retention

Lockton Insurance
Lockton Insurance needed to maintain its position as the World’s largest privately-owned insurance broker. To do this it needed to transform its ability to engage, service and retain clients online.

Border Crossing UX collaborated with a range of departments and business-lines to roadmap customer-facing and back-office requirements. We then collaborated on the development of a new online customer-portal, quoting engine, and renewal process. This has resulted in reduced operational costs, whilst increasing client engagement and retention across product-lines.
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Improve how people plan their visit

National Galleries of Scotland
The National Galleries of Scotland were digitally transforming their organisation and needed to increase their in-house user experience capabilities.

We undertook retrospective interviews with key stakeholders to evaluate the work completed and establish the priorities for the next phase of development. We then facilitated a series of workshops to collaboratively design revised user journeys with in-house teams. This approach ensured stakeholders were effectively represented and key customer journeys were optimised and roadmapped for development.
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Transform the perception of cricket

Cricket Scotland
Cricket Scotland needed to transform its brand, communication, and digital capabilities.

Our user research and collaborative design process enabled Cricket Scotland to rapidly transform their brand strategy, identity, and digital touch points. This has resulted in increased reach and engagement across key stakeholder groups.
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Increase engagement across segments

National Galleries of Scotland
National Galleries of Scotland wanted to identify how well their content was performing across channels.

We analysed in-house, and competitor, content to identify issues, opportunities and best practice guidelines. Then, we collaborated with content creators and owners, across departments, to prioritise and roadmap optimisations. This process has helped the National Galleries of Scotland revise their approach to target audience segmentation and adopt a user-centred approach to creating and disseminating content.
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