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Deliver online video using Amazon Web Services

After much research and testing we have settled on two approaches for delivering video content from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Each approach uses a different delivery protocol.

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Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Reserved Instances now available in Europe

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced that Reserved Instances for Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) are now available in Europe.

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How to restore your WordPress .htaccess file

If you deleted your .htaccess file (or lost it somehow) here is how you can restore the default one: Create a new blank .htaccess file in your WordPress directory via FTP or SSH. Change permissions to 777. Log-in to your dashboard……

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Hello virtual private server, goodbye shared hosting

I have decided to say goodbye to the shared hosting once and for all and finally moved all of my personal sites and blog to a virtual private server (VPS) running CentOS 5.2 and Plesk.

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Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Now Available In Europe

At last the moment we have all been waiting for. Amazon Web Services (AWS) has just announced that Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) is being rolled out in Europe.

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Why we selected Drupal as our CMS?

Well, here we go – our brand new website and blog is up and running. We’re using Drupal, a well-known CMS. We’ve worked with a wide range of CMS’s before but we selected Drupal because we thought:

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Digital distribution seminar here we come

We are pleased to announce that we have been invited to present a training session at the Erich Pommer Institut’s Digital Content Distribution seminar.

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To blog, or not to blog

When we were planning the update of our website having a company blog was pretty high on the list of requirements. At first this seemed like a natural addition but the more we discussed it amongst each other the more we realised how divisive a feature this was.

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