Business and UX Strategy Links and Resouces: May 2015

Business and UX Strategy Links and Resouces: May 2015

Business and UX Strategy Links and Resouces: May 2015 1146 651 Border Crossing UX

Here’s our round up of the most useful business and UX strategy resources we’ve come across recently.

Organisational Debt is like Technical debt – but worse (Steve Blank)

“While technical debt is an understood problem, it turns out startups also accrue another kind of debt – one that can kill the company even quicker – organisational debt. Growing companies need to understand how to recognise and “refactor” organisational debt.”

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Don’t Build When You Build-Measure-Learn (Strategyzer)

“This post explains how to correctly build “Minimum Viable Products” (MVPs) so that you can maximise learning.”

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A Guide To Measuring What & Improving Matters (For Entrepreneurs)

This article is a comprehensive and detailed look at the key metrics that are needed to understand and optimize a SaaS business. This is a must-read post!

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For marketing early startups: Deep, not wide (A Smart Bear)

“Spreading your precious money and even more precious time over many channels doesn’t get a company off the ground. Typically, successful companies find one channel that really works, and then plumb it to its maximum inventory before layering on additional channels.”

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What is product design? (Medium)

“This article aims to give you a deep understanding of the role of Product Design in this process. The answer to what it means to be a Product Designer is constantly evolving. This is my attempt at conveying the breadth, wealth, and utility of this sadly underestimated role.”

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How to build a growth machine (Medium)

“Andy Johns has had the good sense to hop on, not one, but FOUR rocket ships. He’s been a key member of the early growth teams at Facebook, Twitter, and Quora and is now the Director of Growth and Revenue at Wealthfront. He may know a thing or two about hypergrowth.

That’s why I’ve devoured everything I could find about his approach to growing startups. Here, I’ve done my best to distill his perspectives on growth into eight actionable takeaways for the aspiring growth marketer.”

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Got time for more?

Why Build, Measure, Learn – isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work (Steve Blank)

6 things to pre-empt 90% of Due Diligence (The Angel VC)

Another look at 6 things to pre-empt Due Diligence (The Angel VC)


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