People don’t care about your digital transformation – they just want their $#!T to work!

It might seem like a bold choice to give a talk about how people don’t care about digital transformation at a Digital Transformation Summit, but as an expert in User Research, Esther Stringer knows the importance of ensuring stakeholder buy in and giving users what they really want and need – something that works. This post gives an overview of the talk and its key takeawys.

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Conference stand showing plant set up

How potted plants transformed our conference sponsorship and sustainability journey

Explore how we redefined conference sponsorship and captivated attendees with our simple and unique approach to conference merch – potted plants. Through trial and error, we discovered how sustainability can thrive alongside business success.

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Sign box from event "Welcome to UX Scotland"

Reflecting on UX Scotland 2023

In this post we reflect on this year’s UX Scotland, sharing our key findings and learnings around three core themes: Communities, Culture, and Psychological Safety; Accessibility and Inclusion; AI, Mixed Realities, and the Future of UX.

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The Marketing Society Scotland: Trendspotting strategy event

The Marketing Society’s Trendspotting Event discussed trend projections in consumer behaviour and organisational strategies. Pivoting on the themes of value vs. values, sustainability and behavioural science, here’s a look at the three big themes for consumers in the coming year.

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DIGIT Martech Summit 2022: Event review

This year’s Marketing Technology Summit focused on adapting to the customer experience and addressing their evolving expectations in the fast-shifting digital world. From social selling and marketing automation to data analytics and changing consumer behaviours, we’ve highlighted the top takeaways from the event – with a particular focus on how these affect the User Experience.

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Top 5 highlights from Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Ever since we heard Auticon UK speak about “Neurodiversity in Tech” at the Digit Expo in November 2021, we have been passionate about learning more about ways to embrace neurodiversity in our hiring practices and create more inclusive work environments.

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User testing: radical innovation through human insights

On September 20th 2019 User Testing will be hosting, Radical innovation through human insights. User Testing will share key insights from their UK financial services customer study and host a panel discussion with industry leaders in CX.

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Are you heading to LBG’s ConnecTech 2019?

Are you going to the Lloyds Banking Group: ConnecTech conference? Then we’ll see you there, as Border Crossing UX has been invited to deliver a talk on Why UX Matters and two workshops on how to use Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking.

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Innovation Festival 2019: Enabling the Rural Revolution

For the 3rd year running, CGI has invited us to design and co-facilitate their design sprint at the Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) Innovation Festival. We’ll be exploring: ‘How Might We enhance rural communities and the environment using emerging technologies?’

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Why digital transformations fail (and how to stop them)

Digital Transformation is no longer the new kid on the block. But the need to deliver a transformation efficiently and effectively has never been more important. That’s why I was pleased to see the immense turnout for DIGIT.FYI’s 4th Annual Digital Transformation Conference.

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Turing Fest 2017 – our top conference highlights

Last week Calum and I went to the EICC for Turing Fest 2017. With a pen and notebook in hand, we took advantage of what the Strategy and Product streams had to offer. Here is a round up of my top three talks and takeaways.

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Turing Talks 2017 – using technology for good

The Turing Talks took place last month. A day packed with disruptive insight that challenged attendees to think differently. As proud sponsors of the conference and the Turing Trust, there was no chance we were going to miss this event!

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