Developing a truly collaborative and responsive design system in Figma

As Visual Designers, User Experience Designers, User Interface Designers, Product Designers, we naturally become comfortable with the tools that we use. My recent experience testing whether I could create a design system library that is fully functional and responsive in a new tool, has made me think differently about prototyping and prompted me to make the switch to Figma from Adobe XD.

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People don’t care about your digital transformation – they just want their $#!T to work!

It might seem like a bold choice to give a talk about how people don’t care about digital transformation at a Digital Transformation Summit, but as an expert in User Research, Esther Stringer knows the importance of ensuring stakeholder buy in and giving users what they really want and need – something that works. This post gives an overview of the talk and its key takeawys.

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Designing in an interconnected world

The way the design thinking process embraces uncertainty and creatively works through problems makes it very effective in tackling complexity and creating new possibilities. This was the sentiment held by many speakers at the UX Scotland conference and is what we try to remember through every project at Border Crossing UX.

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Participants interacting with our stand at Service Design in Government

Reflections from Service Design in Government 

Attending Service Design in Government was extremely valuable for gaining advice, understanding and practical strategies for working within large and complex organisations.

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12 must read books recommended at Lean Agile Scotland

Reflecting on Lean Agile Scotland, we wanted to take a deeper look at some of the topics from the talks. We’ve compiled a list of top recommended books endorsed by experts in the field during Lean Agile Scotland, perfect for professionals across various sectors, and invite you to explore these valuable resources with us.

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Conference stand showing plant set up

How potted plants transformed our conference sponsorship and sustainability journey

Explore how we redefined conference sponsorship and captivated attendees with our simple and unique approach to conference merch – potted plants. Through trial and error, we discovered how sustainability can thrive alongside business success.

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Sign box from event "Welcome to UX Scotland"

Reflecting on UX Scotland 2023

In this post we reflect on this year’s UX Scotland, sharing our key findings and learnings around three core themes: Communities, Culture, and Psychological Safety; Accessibility and Inclusion; AI, Mixed Realities, and the Future of UX.

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What I learned about UX in my first year at Border Crossing UX

This week officially marked my one-year anniversary at Border Crossing UX. So as a “non-UX” individual working in the User Experience industry, I wanted to share some of the top things I have learned during my year in UX that may be of use to others considering entering the User Experience industry.

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Adopting a hypothesis-led approach to user experience design

When developing a product or service that offers a successful solution, entrepreneurs typically adopt a hit-or-miss experiment. Framing assumptions as hypotheses can improve business experimentations and user experience design. In this post, we discuss the importance of building a culture of experimentation and different UX research techniques.

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Globalising the user experience across cultures and languages

Whether you are looking to launch your website in a new country or are seeking to make your site more accessible to foreign-language speakers in your existing market, creating a seamless UX experience is the key to attracting new segments. So how can organisations ensure their websites perform well in different regions and languages?

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Evaluating your content library & why it matters

Over the years we’ve worked with clients who have had some truly massive digital content libraries. In some instances, these are a genuine asset. There is a clear content strategy and legacy content is well maintained. This often results in a clear competitive advantage.

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Technology cycles, smartphones and what’s coming next

Industries, business models, products and services evolve over time. As the product lifecycle and S-curves depict, they tend to go through a predictable cycle of innovation, adoption, growth, maturity, and eventual decline. From Gartner Hype Cycles to new technology, we provide insight on what to expect in the coming years.

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