We’re delighted to confirm that we have been awarded the contract to design and facilitate an engagement event for the Health Improvement team at Sandyford, a client we first worked with in 2017. 

Our challenge

Border Crossing UX has been engaged to facilitate an event that identifies how best to translate the recommendations contained in the Needs Assessment report into an achievable action plan for short, medium, and longer term implementation. 

Over the coming months, we will be collaborating with a diverse Working Group to develop a design thinking event that establishes a shared understanding of the challenges to be overcome, stimulates collaboration, and ultimately achieves a consensus on how to:

Up to 60 attendees, encompassing a broad range of stakeholders, will be invited to participate in this event. So, particular attention will be paid to ensuring everyone feels comfortable sharing their experience and perspectives.

Our approach

Over the coming months, we’ll be immersing ourselves in the subject area and collaborating closely with a Working Group to:


Identify key stakeholders across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) who should be invited.


Key questions to be answered.


Key information to be shared before and during the event, including lightning talks and speakers.


Collaborative design exercises to be conducted and develop a minute-by-minute agenda for the day.


An engagement event that delivers the desired outcomes.

Following the event, we’ll document all outputs generated on the day. We’ll also be developing a long-form report that details key findings and recommendations and a proposed roadmap that synthesises all insights gathered on the day into a prioritised implementation action plan. This will be delivered in an Easy Read format to facilitate sharing. 

Closing thoughts

We’re delighted to have won this project as it’s another opportunity to work with the amazing Health Improvement Team at Sandyford – they truly are an inspiring team to collaborate with. We can’t wait to meet the Working Group and get stuck into the planning process! And we look forward to sharing the dates and venue for the engagement event as soon as this is confirmed. 

In the meantime, if there’s anything you’d like to share or suggest please don’t hesitate to contact us. As we’re keen to learn as much as we can and appreciate everyone may not be able to attend on the day. If that’s the case … feel free to contact us as we’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

About Sandyford Sexual Health Service

Sandyford provides an integrated sexual and reproductive health service across the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde area.

Our vision is that the population of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde enjoys good and positive sexual health. Where people need support, care or treatment they can easily access specialist sexual health services. Our focus is on prevention of poor sexual health, early intervention and supported self-management.

In order to address the sexual health challenges facing our populations we prioritise resources and focus attention on people, population groups, and areas which are in greatest need and/or who have greater difficulties in maintaining good sexual health.   

The Sexual Health, Health Improvement team is part of Sandyford. Health Improvement is the area of public health practice concerned with improving the health and wellbeing of populations and reducing inequalities. In Scotland the discipline of Health Improvement has a leadership role for addressing inequalities in population health at structural, community or group and individual level.

The team builds capacity to enhance the knowledge, skills, competence and approaches of partner organisations and the professionals and volunteers working with them. This involves the planning, delivery and evaluation of interventions designed to empower people to make informed sexual and relationship choices on the basis of accurate information, a positive sense of identity, skills, and an understanding of rights and responsibilities.

Learn more about Sandyford

About NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (NHSGGC) is the largest NHS organisation in Scotland and one of the largest in the UK. NHSGGC is responsible for providing and managing a whole range of health services including hospitals and General Practice. Our purpose is to: “Deliver effective and high quality health services, to act to improve the health of our population and to do everything we can to address the wider social determinants of health which cause health inequalities.“ 

Learn more about NHSGGC

François Roshdy

François is director of user experience at Border Crossing UX. He specialises in helping clients continuously improve the experiences they deliver.