Here’s a round up of the user research we’ve come across recently.

A User Research Case Study on Slack: Phase 1, User Interviews (Medium)

“I conducted a short study on Slack to understand the user experience on a macro and micro level as well as gain a deeper understanding of the intersection of productivity/collaboration and communication. Despite being a fantastic product, I quickly found a number of usability issues. This post will explore the first phase of my user research case study.”

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A User Research Case Study on Slack: Phase 2, Usability Studies (Medium)

This follow-up article explores usability issues with Slack’s desktop and Web app.

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Practical Advice for Testing Content on Websites (Nielsen Norman Group)

“What happens when people reach the web page that contains the information they seek? Don’t let the user experience fall apart on the content page. Use modified user-testing techniques to evaluate whether your content meets users’ needs and expectations.”

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Bridging the Gap Between Actual and Reported Behaviour (UX Booth)

“Products are improved by listening to what users want — and not necessarily what they say they want. One of the hardest lessons to learn in UX is that researchers can’t always trust what test participants tell them. People don’t always behave rationally, and this means that research participants are sometimes unable to give accurate answers to even the simplest questions. Though it sounds counter-intuitive, it’s backed by decades of research on the difference between reported behaviour (what we say we do) and actual behaviour (what we actually do).”

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Filtering UI: A Horizontal Toolbar Can Outperform the Traditional Sidebar (Baymard Institute)

“At e-commerce sites the filtering interface has historically consisted of a left-hand vertical sidebar. However, over the last couple of years a new filtering and sorting interface has become increasingly popular: a horizontal toolbar which combine both filters and the sort tool. But how does this new horizontal toolbar actually perform with real users?”

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An Analytics-First Approach to UX, Part 1 (UX Booth)

“Usability testing is typically done to identify why users are behaving in a certain way. This week, author Luke Hay shows us how to use analytics to determine what to spend time usability testing.”

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François Roshdy

François is director of user experience at Border Crossing UX. He specialises in helping clients continuously improve the experiences they deliver.