Here’s a round up of the user research resources we’ve come across and bookmarked recently.

Customer Journey Mapping Is at the Heart of Digital Transformation (Knowledge@Wharton)

According to Raman Sapra, global head of Dell’s digital business services, the best way to leverage digital is to take a comprehensive rather than a piecemeal approach. And a key tool to achieve this is customer journey mapping, where powerful new data collection and analytics tools are helping to provide deeper insights to fuel performance. In this paper, experts from Wharton and Dell examine how this mapping is at the heart of digital transformation.

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8 Customer Discovery Questions To Validate Product Market Fit For Your Startup

A really interesting post on the similarities between the customer research conducted by companies such as Google and the customer research conducted by investors in the course of diligence.

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Fast and Simple Usability Testing (24 Ways)

“Everyone knows by now that they should test the usability of their applications, but still hardly anybody actually does it. In this article I’ll share some tips I’ve picked up for doing usability tests quickly and effectively.”

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Field Research at Uber (

Observing what people would never think to tell us – stories from the front lines.

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Testing for a user need (UserFocus)

“One of the most important questions faced by start-ups and established companies alike isn’t, “Is my system usable?” or “Is this a great user experience?”, but “Do people actually need this thing?” This article presents a structured interview technique for checking if you have identified a user need.”

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Understanding Stakeholders Through Research (UX Matters)

“In user experience, we often write about and discuss conducting research to understand users and their needs, but have focused much less attention on understanding stakeholders and their needs. Designing an effective user experience requires an understanding of the needs of both the business and users and designing a solution that meets them.”

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