The Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce delivers a broad range of training courses and services aimed at SME’s. They recently announced that they were looking to develop some new training and development courses. The timing couldn’t have been better as we received the email on our way back from delivering an intensive one-day training session for one of our existing clients.

We’ve gained a lot from the Chamber since becoming a member. The mentoring service has proved key to our growth both as individuals and as a business. The networking events they organise in Edinburgh are also second to none. Having attended their courses on Exporting and Business Leadership we’ve also experienced the benefits of their training first-hand. So as soon as we received the announcement we knew we’d be submitting a course for them to consider.

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Over the years we’ve provided a number of bespoke training courses for some of our larger clients. These have been focused on providing in-house teams with the skills and confidence they need to improve the user experiences their businesses provide online. Given the size of the companies we’ve delivered these courses to in the past we knew we’d have to design a new course that was focused on the needs and resources of SME’s.

As an SME ourselves we know our scarcest resource is our time. That’s why we’ve focused on developing a one-day intensive course that helps SME’s rapidly:

To do this effectively we’ll help participants efficiently:

So that participants can effectively balance their business requirements with the needs of their end-users. What’s more, as we want to make the course as actionable as possible we also aim to help participants:

This process will help SME’s:

So we’re delighted to announce our course “Plan to succeed: learn how to improve your website” has been accepted as one of the Chamber’s new courses for 2014.  The first all-day course costs £195.00 for Chamber members and will be delivered on April 14th

You can read more about the course on the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce website and find out about other great courses available such as:

François Roshdy

François is director of user experience at Border Crossing UX. He specialises in helping clients continuously improve the experiences they deliver.