Conference stand showing plant set up

How potted plants transformed our conference sponsorship and sustainability journey

Explore how we redefined conference sponsorship and captivated attendees with our simple and unique approach to conference merch – potted plants. Through trial and error, we discovered how sustainability can thrive alongside business success.

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Our approach to putting NHS design principles into practice

As external user experience consultants, there’s no doubt we’ve found the NHS design principles and digital service manual to be invaluable resources that we’ve turned to time and time again across a range of national and regional NHS projects we’ve worked on.

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Why UX design deserves recognition and is valuable

User Experience consists of increasing learning about human behaviour. UX Design makes experiences for people simpler. From learning the value of User Experience to the success meters of UX Design, our apprentice Tanisha shares her key learnings from her Foundation Apprenticeship work placement.

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Supporting Strathclyde University Chamber Choir

Strathclyde University Chamber Choir is a Glasgow-based charity boasting European performances and live BBC Radio broadcasts. They wanted to reach a larger audience online. We worked with them to help their music reach more people.

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User centred design for the internet of things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the front line of innovation. Found all around us, its applications present challenges for both hardware and design. To overcome those challenges, designers need to adopt the right process: user-centred design.

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Responsive vs Adaptive Design for Website Development

Responsive and Adaptive design are two common approaches for website development. Both allow websites to be experienced on different sized devices. But, it’s important to be aware of the key differences before choosing.

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Usability: the core principles of web usability

Whether it’s a tin opener or a website, if people can’t use it, they won’t. Usability is integral to success. It directly influences the user experience. Poor usability impacts brand perception, employee productivity and your bottom line.

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What is a prototype and how do they reduce wastage?

Delivering an experience that truly meets end-user needs and goals is difficult. Often, compelling user experiences are the result of an iterative design process. But how do you validate your designs in user testing without wastage?

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Why do user experience (UX) personas matter?

A user experience persona is a fictional character that represents the needs and constraints of a range of real users. It is essentially a design tool used to inform the design at the beginning of a process and validate decisions in the later stages.

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Pokémon Go or more likely Stop? (When good games stall)

It’s the game of the Summer: Pokémon Go. After a couple of weeks of heavy ‘testing’ (or more accurately desperately collecting Eevees) I’ve realised that I spend more time on Pokémon Stop than Go. So, why is everyone talking about it?

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UX Design Links & Resources: June 2016 Round-up

Here’s our round-up of the useful UX Design links from June 2016. Great advice from some of the best in the industry. This month features Apptimize, Disambiguity, Nielson Norman Group, Baymard Group and Medium. Happy reading!

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Mobile UX – user adoption, retention and growth

Last month I presented my thoughts on Mobile User Experience (UX) at Mobile Scotland 2016. I shared my 3 golden rules of how to deliver a great mobile user experience: 1. Keep it simple; 2. Be personal and; 3. Knowing when to stop.

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