Why UX Design deserves recognition and is valuable?

Why UX Design deserves recognition and is valuable?

Why UX Design deserves recognition and is valuable? 819 1024 Border Crossing UX

If it wasn’t for the Foundation Apprenticeship work placement with Border Crossing UX, I would have no awareness about what User Experience is. I would not acknowledge that there are UX Designers behind scenes of every great website and app. I just assumed organisations set a website up for their company, I had no idea there were UX Designers planning and making sure the procedure is simple for people to have a straightforward experience.

As a result of working at Border Crossing UX, I now have the knowledge that UX Designers participate in many projects and improve experiences. And I’ve put together an overview of what I have learnt about UX Design and why I think it deserves more recognition as a valuable service.

What is User Experience design?

User Experience consists increasing learning about human behaviour. UX Design makes experiences for people simpler.

What is a UX Designer’s main objective?

UX designers intend on providing a significant and valuable digital experience. Their main objective is to justify and accomplish their customer’s needs. This is important as they participate in many procedures, evaluative tasks and redrafts in order to produce the best quality product.

What value does UX Design bring?

People are more reliant on UX Designers which means there will be a great workload for UX Designers which they are not given enough recognition for. This is due to the fact; people have the belief that UX Designers just regulate and authorise website.  However, UX Design is a subject to many important tasks including moving a business forward, researching, observing user behaviour, designing and creating new ideas, redrafting and consolidating ideas between many individuals and finally evaluating whether a final piece is ready to launch and reveal to customers. UX Design is evolved around satisfying needs and producing perfection because a significant amount of thinking, determination and creativity goes into workpieces.

Why UX Design has importance?

UX Designers have a lot of key skills which allow UX Design to further develop and enhance their significance.

UX Design has many reasons for its success:

  • Makes something complicated much easier and accessible for people to use.
  • Skilled in coding because by specialising in that aspect, it will allow engineers to have the mindset that the UX Designer understands them. This will result in clients having more faith and admiration which will help a project further as trust is important to have when working with an individual to develop something essential.
  • When he/she fulfils the customer’s needs and desires, this is because by satisfying a customer it would prove that UX Designers are significant and effective in their job.
  • Designers have a strong work ethic; this is because problem solving could be complex. UX Designers need to have the determination and motivation to make a product perfect regardless of how difficult it may be.

Why must UX Design receive credit?

UX Design is entitled to recognition and value as one of the clients Border UX Crossing worked with have stated:

“We found working with Border Crossing UX so supportive that Sandyford extended the contract to translate all of the issues into solutions. I would highly recommend commissioning and working with them.”

Jo Zinger, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. This clearly shows how effective UX Design has been in helping and assisting their clients and supporting them.

Want to learn more?

If you would like to know how UX Design will add more value to you, watch my video  or have a look at some of the outcomes that we have achieve with our Clients .

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