Here’s our round up of the best business and UX strategy resources June 2016. Get insights and learn from other people’s successes and failures. This month features Lean Blogs, Astronomer, David Cummings, First Round and Medium. Happy reading!

The Art of the Scientist (Lean Blogs)

“After the introduction of the scientific method, there was a marked increase in the pace of breakthrough discoveries. Both science and entrepreneurship operate under conditions of extreme uncertainty, so the thinking goes that the adoption of some entrepreneurial method might do for business innovation what the scientific method did for scientific discoveries: dramatically accelerate the pace. This is the core message of the Lean Startup methodology.

However, simply running more experiments do not automatically lead to new insights. Many experiments simply invalidate a bad idea and leave you stuck. So how do you set yourself up for breakthrough? The answer lies in a deeper understanding of how true science is done.”

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Sexy SaaS Models (Astronomer)

“At Astronomer, we use several different models to understand; what happened in the past, what’s happening right now and what we expect to happen in the future. This has served to not only make our planning smarter and more reliable but also to hold our “gut” accountable.

So, in an effort to encourage more sharing between startups around taboo subjects like finances, I’d like to walk you through a few of our models with the hope that they can, at a minimum, serve as encouragement for you to always follow the money in your own company.”

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Metrics Spreadsheet for Every SaaS Company (David Cummings on Startups)

“Lately I’ve been talking to more entrepreneurs that have product/market fit and are working to find a repeatable customer acquisition process (see 5 Steps to Startup Success in 30 Words). Now, sales and marketing metrics become critical and it’s time to figure out what works.”

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One Founder, Both Sides of the M&A Table — What All Startups Can Learn from His Experience (First Round)

In a recent talk at Stanford, Jeff Seibert shared the blunt, unflinching details of acquiring and getting acquired, what he wishes he would have done differently, and what startup leaders should keep top of mind every day as they build toward an uncertain future.

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Answers To Your Tough Questions About Growth — Learned While Scaling Eventbrite’s $5B+ Growth Engine (Medium)

“Several years ago, Eventbrite knew it needed to get serious about growth. Fast forward and last year alone, it powered 2 million events in 180 countries. But it didn’t all just happen. As the numbers and expectations grew larger through the years, so did the importance of more deeply understanding its key business levers, better relating to its customers’ needs, and pushing its underlying growth drivers. In this article Brian Rothenberg, now VP Growth and Acquisition Marketing, discusses his take on developing scalable and repeatable growth channels and processes.”

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