Here’s a round up of the user research links we’ve come across and bookmarked this June (2016).

What 671 million push notifications say about how people spend their day (Andrew Chen)

“Push notifications are a cornerstone of every mobile app’s engagement and retention strategy, yet we know so little about them. Today, we’ll look at some push notification data from Leanplum, a mobile marketing automation tool, which breaks down 671 million pushes to uncover some interesting trends, particularly on time of day targeting for push notifications.”

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How to Start a User Testing Program at Your Company (Medium)

This post by Ryan Odds provides some practical ideas on how to formalise a user testing program at your company.

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Diary Studies: Understanding Long-Term User Behavior and Experiences (Nielsen Norman Group)

“User logs (diaries) of daily activities as they occur give contextual insights about real-time user behaviors and needs, helping define UX feature requirements.”

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When to be Hasty with Product Research (Medium)

“Working quickly in product development is widely embraced and fairly established. The goal of lean product development is to validate ideas and test prototypes before investing too much time in code. It’s about not getting too swept up in a solution— investing the least effort for the greatest clarity in which direction to follow for actual development. This is good. And evolving.

But working quickly is a problem when it comes to understanding the people you’re trying to support. I mean deep understanding — not opinions, likes & dislikes, or explanations of what people are doing. Those are easy to collect quickly. Deep understanding is how people reason and react and guide decisions as they achieve the larger human intents and purposes of life.”

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Checklist for Planning Usability Studies (Nielsen Norman Group)

“Planning a user test? Follow these 9 steps to make sure you are prepared.”

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