We’ve been busy bees here at Border Crossing Media moving to our new office, building a responsive design website for ourselves and much, much more….

Our new office

Firstly we’re excited to confirm our recent move to the Creative Exchange in Leith. It’s a great new space for creative, digital companies.  You can check out pictures from the launch on our Facebook page.

Get in touch and pop in for a coffee if you are down by the shore.

Our New Responsive Design Website

You may have noticed our website bordercrossingux.com has undergone a few changes too.  We’ve refreshed our branding and also released a refreshed design, following some extensive testing and feedback.  In the past year we’ve also seen an exceptional increase in the number of people using our website on mobile and handheld devices. This meant we needed to ensure our new website was responsive. Which means people can access our website and receive the same content and quality of experience whether they are on a desktop at work or on a mobile device on the move.

We are really pleased with the new website and look forward to using what we’ve learned on future projects.

Contact us to let us know what you think of our new website and if you’d like to find out more about designing and developing a responsive website.

Recent work

In addition to our website, we’ve also been working on some really exciting projects too:

We’re also continuing to provide pro-bono consultancy work for a number of local charities.

All of this has meant that even though the last couple of months have been incredibly hectic they’ve also provided us with an amazing opportunity to:

These project have proved to be an amazing learning experience. Each one has helped us grow as a team and as individuals. With some exciting new projects on the horizon and some ambitious targets to hit there’s no doubt the coming months will be busy too.

Esther Stringer

Esther is our Managing Director and Research lead at Border Crossing UX.