Our application to continue as a named supplier across all four lots of the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 framework has been accepted. This new agreement will replace Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 (RM1043.6), which will end on 30 June 2021.

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) supports the public sector to achieve maximum commercial value when procuring common goods and services. So we are delighted that we can continue to provide our services across all 4 available lots:

Digital outcomes: we provide teams to work on a digital service.

Digital specialists: we provide specialists, such as user researchers, product managers, etc, to work on a service, programme or project.

User research studios: we provide facilities to carry out research interviews and usability tests.

User research participants: we find people to take part in research interviews and usability tests.

All of which will be available up until the 19/01/2022.

Want to learn more?

You must place your needs (Invitation To Tender) on the Digital Marketplace and run a two-stage competition to find a suitable supplier. There is no option to direct award with this agreement. To run a further competition for this agreement you will need to:

  1. Document your needs
  2. Get purchasing approval
  3. Write and publish your needs on the Digital Marketplace – they will be publicly available
  4. Answer questions from suppliers
  5. Review and score ‘essential’ and ‘nice-to-have’ skills and experience to create your shortlist
  6. Give feedback to suppliers who are not shortlisted
  7. Invite shortlisted suppliers to the assessment stage
  8. Evaluate written proposals and your chosen additional assessment methods to find the right supplier for your needs
  9. Award a contract and give feedback to unsuccessful suppliers
  10. Publish the contract on Contracts Finder and update your Digital Marketplace account.

You can find details about the full process in the buyers guidance. Please note: a buyers guide for user research studio services is also available.

Visit the Digital Marketplace to download a list of eligible suppliers per lot, or feel free to contact us.

François Roshdy

François is director of user experience at Border Crossing UX. He specialises in helping clients continuously improve the experiences they deliver.