Worried about your Google Analytics data being skewed by your staff’s usage of your own website? If so, set-up a custom filter to exclude those IP addresses.

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Please note that these instructions are for websites using the “asynchronous tracking code”.

To exclude a specific IP address:

  1. Log in to Google Analytics
  2. Click on “Filter Manager” (bottom right of page)
  3. Click on “+ Add Filter” (top right of table)
  4. Enter your filter name – e.g. London office
  5. Select “custom filter” and “exclude”
  6. Select “Visitor IP address” for filter field
  7. Enter the IP you wish to include for the filter pattern field (ensure you follow the “regular expression” formatting instructions detailed below)
  8. Select which website profiles you wish to apply this filter to
  9. Save the newly created filter

If you’ve followed these steps your filter should kick-in within 24 hours.

Remember to enter your IP address(es) using regular expressions. This means that an IP address which would normally look like: should be entered as

If you wish to exclude a range of IP addresses use this tool as regular expressions get a bit tricky when a range of IP addresses are involved.

François Roshdy

François is director of user experience at Border Crossing UX. He specialises in helping clients continuously improve the experiences they deliver.