Why the new website?

Why the new website?

Why the new website? 860 490 Border Crossing UX

You may have noticed that we recently updated our website. Here’s why:

  • our old site was a static brochure site and we wanted something more dynamic
  • it’s almost two years since we released our first site, and it was time for a change, both for us and the site itself
  • we had been playing with Drupal for quite some time and wanted to test it out
  • the timing was right
  • the will was there

So here is a fresh Drupal install with the blog enabled.

Update: following our Drupal testing we have decided to move back to a custom PHP framework and a WordPress blog. That said, we still think Drupal is an amazing tool, and we will continue to use, and recommend it to others, when it’s the “right” tool for the job.

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