To blog, or not to blog

To blog, or not to blog

To blog, or not to blog 860 489 Border Crossing UX

When we were planning the update of our website having a company blog was pretty high on the list of requirements.

At first this seemed like a natural addition but the more we discussed it amongst each other the more we realised how divisive a feature this was.

In fact we were split pretty much down the middle. Half the team thought it was absurd not to add one because:

  • we want to share our company news and views
  • we want to share the technical knowledge and tips we come across
  • we are repeatedly asked/told to start one by collaborators as well as clients
  • we really should start one
  • and just because everyone else is doing it – does not mean we should not

And the other half of the team thought it was absurd to even consider adding one because:

  • everyone’s doing it, and hardly anyone’s getting it right
  • do we really need to
  • do we really have enough time to commit to it
  • do we really have anything interesting to say
  • and even if we do have something interesting to say, do we have the skills to get it across interestingly

Truth be told we are still arguing internally but we have at least decided to give it a shot.

So here it is – our first blog post on the brief history of how we decided, or rather didn’t decide to develop and start blogging on a regular basis.

We hope this was the right way to go – and to be honest we can not wait to see if it works or not. Bragging rights are at stake, and they only increase in value when you work in an office as small as ours!!!

Now let’s see if this shows up as it should – here’s hoping!

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