When I first joined Border Crossing Media I spent quite a lot of time familiarising myself with the way that Google and other search engines operate.  Whilst it is not an overly difficult concept to grasp I really wish that I had access to this fantastic graphic designed by PPC Blog team.

How Does Google Work Infographic

Infographic by PPCBlog

Let me reiterate – we did not make this ourselves at BCM (we had been thinking about making a cartoon about a bot that crawls the internet but that is another matter) – but I think that it gives you a good understanding on how Google works!  If you would like this graphic on your website or blog then you can get the embed code directly on their website.

Big thanks to PPC Blog for this and also to @wemakesenseuk for putting it into my Twittersphere!

Esther Stringer

Esther is our Managing Director and Research lead at Border Crossing UX.