This autumn we were commissioned by a family company run out of the North Pole. Whilst they have been delivering Christmas cheer for centuries they were concerned by the wave of internet disruption to their traditional business model.

We were brought in to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the team. And then, identify new opportunities to deliver not just ‘best-in-class’ service but to retain their position as the number 1 Christmas provider for nice children.

To start out we took a look at the logistics team. We wanted to see if there were any improvements we could make to their customer and staff satisfaction. We conducted a user interview with their senior transport manager. Then we developed a user persona to summarise his skills, goals, frustrations and so we could identify new opportunities:


We were truly amazed at the speed and quality of service provided by Rudolf and his team of reindeers. And are sure that they will be able to harness the opportunities identified by this service design project in 2016.

Esther Stringer

Esther is our Managing Director and Research lead at Border Crossing UX.