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Border Crossing UX renews Cyber Essentials certification

We are proud to announce that we have successfully renewed our Cyber Essentials certification, a government-backed cybersecurity standard that ensures robust protection against cyber threats.

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Sign box from event "Welcome to UX Scotland"

Reflecting on UX Scotland 2023

In this post we reflect on this year’s UX Scotland, sharing our key findings and learnings around three core themes: Communities, Culture, and Psychological Safety; Accessibility and Inclusion; AI, Mixed Realities, and the Future of UX.

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Join us at UX Scotland 2023: A quick guide to the conference

We are excited to announce that we will be sponsoring and exhibiting at UX Scotland 2023. We’ve provided a quick guide on the conference, why you should attend and what you can expect. We hope to see you there!

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What I learned about UX in my first year at Border Crossing UX

This week officially marked my one-year anniversary at Border Crossing UX. So as a “non-UX” individual working in the User Experience industry, I wanted to share some of the top things I have learned during my year in UX that may be of use to others considering entering the User Experience industry.

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New collaborative design project for Sandyford Sexual Health Service

We’re delighted to confirm that we were awarded the contract to design and facilitate an engagement event for the Health Improvement team at Sandyford, a client we first worked with in 2017. We’ve been engaged to facilitate an event that identifies how best to translate the recommendations from a recent Needs Assessment report into an achievable action plan.

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Adopting a hypothesis-led approach to user experience design

When developing a product or service that offers a successful solution, entrepreneurs typically adopt a hit-or-miss experiment. Framing assumptions as hypotheses can improve business experimentations and user experience design. In this post, we discuss the importance of building a culture of experimentation and different UX research techniques.

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The Marketing Society Scotland: Trendspotting strategy event

The Marketing Society’s Trendspotting Event discussed trend projections in consumer behaviour and organisational strategies. Pivoting on the themes of value vs. values, sustainability and behavioural science, here’s a look at the three big themes for consumers in the coming year.

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DIGIT Martech Summit 2022: Event review

This year’s Marketing Technology Summit focused on adapting to the customer experience and addressing their evolving expectations in the fast-shifting digital world. From social selling and marketing automation to data analytics and changing consumer behaviours, we’ve highlighted the top takeaways from the event – with a particular focus on how these affect the User Experience.

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New user experience design project for NHS Highland

We’re incredibly pleased to share that our long-term partners Factory 73 have been awarded the NHS Highland website design and development tender. Border Crossing UX has also been engaged to provide user experience support throughout this 3-phased development process. 

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Globalising the user experience across cultures and languages

Whether you are looking to launch your website in a new country or are seeking to make your site more accessible to foreign-language speakers in your existing market, creating a seamless UX experience is the key to attracting new segments. So how can organisations ensure their websites perform well in different regions and languages?

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Top 5 highlights from Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Ever since we heard Auticon UK speak about “Neurodiversity in Tech” at the Digit Expo in November 2021, we have been passionate about learning more about ways to embrace neurodiversity in our hiring practices and create more inclusive work environments.

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Meet the team: Our new junior UX designer Catherine MacEwan

We’re delighted to welcome Catherine MacEwan, our new Junior UX Designer. She’s been working closely with the rest of the team to help create artefacts that are both beautiful and usable. We sat down with her to learn more about her background and inspirations.

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