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8 Positive Facts to Help Get You Through Blue Monday

The 3rd Monday in January is now widely known as ‘Blue Monday’, the most depressing day of the year. So, on a day where it would be easy to get fixated on the negatives, we thought we’d share positive examples of communities, governments, businesses, and individuals coming together to improve the world.

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Sunset over water

Digital tips for a greener future: 10 small ways to make a difference

At Border Crossing UX we always work to influence positive change. We know that’s a goal that many of you share. That’s why we’ve gathered our favourite sustainable digital tips to help you be more environmentally friendly. See how you could have an impact.

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Happy Christmas from the team at Border Crossing UX

As another strange year draws to a close, we would like to wish you all a safe and incredibly Happy Christmas. And most importantly, a massive thank everyone who has made 2021 a special year at Border Crossing UX, despite the tough context.

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Meet the team: Our new Marketing Specialist Rebecca Nurlu

Rebecca Nurlu is our new Marketing Specialist here at Border Crossing UX. With her she brings a wealth of experience in marketing, and a passion for user experience. We sat down with her to find out a bit more about why she joined the consultancy, and what she’s enjoying so far.

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The power of lightning talks

Lightning talks are a brilliant way to harness and share internal and external expertise. If you’ve participated in a research or design sprint before, then you’ll know how powerful a good lightning talk can be. In this post we discuss how to plan and prepare for them.

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Technology cycles, smartphones and what’s coming next

Industries, business models, products and services evolve over time. As the product lifecycle and S-curves depict, they tend to go through a predictable cycle of innovation, adoption, growth, maturity, and eventual decline. From Gartner Hype Cycles to new technology, we provide insight on what to expect in the coming years.

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Google, ranking updates and what you can do to stay on top

Google is one of those companies that absolutely nails continuous improvement. Over the years we’ve learned that whilst you cannot future proof your website against updates that affect the visibility of your web pages in search results. In this post, we discuss how to react to these updates and what to look out for.

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Our research and collaborative design facilities reopen in Scotland

As we reopen our user research and collaborative design facilities on the Shore, Edinburgh post-Covid, we are ready to welcome our clients back to the office and offer our facilities for hire. Our space includes a research studio, to transparently observe a wide range of research activities, and a flexible workshop space.

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Ice breaker exercise instructions: 1 Thing. Go around the table and tell us: 1) Your name. 2) Your role and organisation. 3) what 1 thing Acme Inc could do to improve user experience?

Why a strong icebreaker is the key to a great workshop

Want to facilitate great workshops and establish an even playing field? Then use an icebreaker to start off your session. Though icebreakers are often seen as a cheesy way to start of a meeting or a workshop they are a great tool in your arsenal. That is why they are the only exercise that is guaranteed to start every workshop that we facilitate.

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man looking at workshop outputs

Why UX design deserves recognition and is valuable

User Experience consists of increasing learning about human behaviour. UX Design makes experiences for people simpler. From learning the value of User Experience to the success meters of UX Design, our apprentice Tanisha shares her key learnings from her Foundation Apprenticeship work placement.

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Inforgraphic of the psychology of UX design

What is user experience design and why is it significant?

Here at Border Crossing UX we’ve had a wonderful opportunity to run a foundation apprenticeship work placement in Business and Skills for Edinburgh College. Over the last 3 months, we’ve been working with Tanisha Rahman on developing her research, communication, marketing, and business skills.

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Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 Framework: Our services & Overview

Our application to continue as a named supplier across all four lots, (digital outcomes, digital specialists, user research studios and user research participant recruitment), of the Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 framework has been accepted.

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