Ensuring success as the number 1 Christmas provider for nice children year on year requires strength in leadership and a strong head for numbers. Our second interview, before our service design workshop, was with our project sponsor Mrs Claus.

Always keen to find new improved ways to deliver excellence service, Mrs Claus engaged us as a fresh pair of eyes to review and optimise their service. By finding ways to help her develop new processes Mrs Claus can focus on what she really loves – inspiring the next generation at The University of Elf and Engineering. And like us all watching a bit of ‘Bake-off’.

Mrs Santa Claus user persona

For one person to take on all the financial and outreach for an organisation of this size is quite spectacular. Especially when your target market is -EVERYONE!!!

So, we hope that the work we did alongside Santa Inc. will significantly reduce her time working on budgets and mediation. That way, she can help increase the number of trained Elfgineers and true Christmas believers for the next generation.

Esther Stringer

Esther is our Managing Director and Research lead at Border Crossing UX.