You may not have heard of our third persona from SANTA Inc. But believe me without this guy no one would get their presents on time – if at all! Bernard has a tricky job, keeping his team of over 1,000 elves productive and focused.

A stickler for detail, this member of the original crew worked his way up from the whittling floor to running the whole workshop. Bernard is never happier than when he is and amongst the craftsmen working on their latest run of toys.

That said, he is not the type to see Christmas as about fun – its all about working hard and being proud of your work. Bernard’s greatest challenges were to reduce the wastage in the workshop and continuously increase productivity. But he’s also particularly interested in looking into Big Data solutions for tracking and monitoring present production.

Elf user persona

By closely monitoring the productivity and task completion over the next twelve months we hope that Bernard will continue to find new opportunities to reduce waste.

We are sure that if he can reach his ambitious target of 12% productivity increases this year then he is definitely the front runner for a fifth time ‘Most Valuable Elf of the Year reward’. And who wouldn’t want a Lego Santa Workshop kit for Christmas 2016?!?!?!

Esther Stringer

Esther is our Managing Director and Research lead at Border Crossing UX.