User Centred Design Matters: User Experience for Events

User Centred Design Matters: User Experience for Events

User Centred Design Matters: User Experience for Events 1920 976 Border Crossing UX

Border Crossing Media were asked to present a Learning Zone session for a great audience of Event Industry Experts as part of EventIt 2016 which was held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre. We shared our insights into how applying user centred design techniques will improve the experience of your events attendees, exhibitors and sponsors – throughout the lifecycle of your event.

It was a great experience to be in a room of such creative and enthusiastic people. We really enjoyed presenting our session. We took the audience through what User Experience is, why it matters and the UX techniques we have used to design the right solutions for our events clients.

Why apply user centred design to your event?

We demonstrated that by thinking about how to engage with stakeholders both functionally and emotionally you can design experiences people value. Great user experiences are not about the tools and the tech, great experiences have been happening before Turing built his first computer! Experience is about understanding:

  • What people want to do
  • How they want to feel
  • Which are the most appropriate messages, tools and channels to use.

Only by truly understanding what motivates people and their fears can you start to affect a change in behaviour.

And the key to great user centred design – continuous improvement. It is about learning and continuously improving. It is about looking back at what worked well and what didn’t and asking yourself:

  • What can we do differently next time?
  • What new tool or channel is out there for me to exploit?
  • What change in behaviour can I take advantage of or do I want to affect?

It is about building wonderful customer-centric experiences that cohesively showcase the brand message and story.

You canlook at the full set of slides here:


EventIt 2016


Cherry tree at EventitWe really enjoyed presenting our Learning Zone session but beyond that the whole day was a great success. Working with EventIt on their strategy and lead generation tactics meant it was wonderful to see a truly cross-channel experience come to life. Especially, with such jaw-dropping style.

It was amazing to see the variety and quality of the Events Industry in Scotland. And, as always, to meet new passionate people and catch up with old friends.

We’re looking forward to EventIt 2017 already!

Interested in finding out more?

So, if you’d like to find out more about this talk or how to apply user centred design to your event then call us on 0131 467 9227.

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