When we started out in 2006 we were focused on building cheap and cheerful products. We had a few in the works so we needed a core identity that could be spun out for a number of stand-alone products like Border Crossing TV. After a long search we found the wonderful Kirsten Murray, who developed the branding that we’ve used for the past 5 years. She really nailed the brief and gave us something that really encapsulated what we needed at the time.

However, 5 years later we had shifted our focus. Instead of building low-cost products we were increasingly providing specialist services. So over the years our branding seemed less and less aligned with what we were actually doing. Despite this realisation we still loved our branding and knew we didn’t really have the time or resources to develop anything better. Unfortunately this had a knock-on effect, we kept delaying the redesign our website needed, as we knew the branding must come first.

Knowing you need to do something but continually putting it off till you know you can do it properly is incredibly frustrating. But the real problem with this attitude in a small business is there really never is an opportune moment – you have to create the time to do things like this and accept how long or much it will really take to get right.

Thankfully the lads at Remote Location were up for helping us out with our dilemma. They experimented with a refresh of the website using our old branding and came to the same conclusion as us – it just wasn’t going to work. But rather then give up, they dived in and attempted to solve our primary problem – the core identity itself.

Within a few iterations they’d managed to develop an identity that really worked. Once this was nailed the redesign seemed to sort itself as everything started clicking into place. We’re truly grateful to Remote Location as they persevered and in our opinion delivered an identity that really has exceeded our expectations.

The Border Crossing UX Team

Our team of user experience consultants specialise in research, facilitation, strategy, and design. Together, we help clients transform the experiences they deliver.